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Rapid Response System

The rapid response system (RRS) is a DODD application that helps to accelerate conversations between SSAs and technology vendors. The RRS is a gateway for county board of developmental disabilities to request a consultation with technology vendors to identify what technology solutions might be beneficial for a person with developmental disabilities. The RRS allows SSAs to create a ticket for people in need of technology solution consultation. Technology vendors are able to see the requests and respond outside of the system directly to the requestors. This is an additional step at DODD to increase statewide efforts to increase the conversations about what technology can do for people with developmental disabilities.

The RRS is now currently open to SSAs and technology vendors. The ICF enhancement of the RRS will be released in January 2023.  More information will be forthcoming on the ICF enhancement and training opportunities.

It is important to remember the use of this application is not mandatory but optional to expedite communication. Please direct questions about the rapid response system to technologyfirst@dodd.ohio.gov.

To learn more about the rapid response portal, please access your specific role user guide.