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Innovative Technology Solutions Project

Many Ohioans with developmental disabilities encounter obstacles in daily tasks and activities, as well as accessing education and jobs. Technology can aid people to overcome these barriers and help them live fuller lives.  DODD created the Innovative Technology Solutions project to increase the use of innovative technologies within service delivery and service operations for individuals with developmental disabilities. Innovative technology solutions could expand service delivery, improve business operations, or improve individual’s access to transportation.

Heart of Unlimited Boundaries (HUB)

The specific purpose of Heart of Unlimited Boundaries, Inc., is to support individuals with disabilities or critical illnesses and their families, and their service providers by offering

  1. recreational activities;
  2. therapeutic programs, services and activities;
  3. integration activities with the typically functioning population.

The Mission Statement:
To build meaningful relationships between individuals of all abilities and economic backgrounds in an effort to build the  quality of life for all.

HUB's Innovative Technology Solutions Webinar

Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. (LADD)

Beginning in 2017, and implementing its strategic plan, LADD embarked on its Forever Home Initiative. Forever Home is an effort to provide a technology-based, training-intensive service model for people with developmental disabilities, one that provides an alternative, technology-based service model that increases independence and reduces the cost of delivering services by integrating readily available home and wearable technology with remote monitoring support to reduce reliance on 24/7 in-person staffing. This project can reduce the cost of providing Medicaid supported services, while simultaneously providing an affordable option for middle-class families unsuccessful in securing waiver services for their loved ones. Through Forever Home LADD is integrating people with developmental disabilities into community based neighborhoods, and doing so in a manner which is scalable and which, because of technology, testing and evaluation, is promoting replication and systemic change.

LADD's Innovative Tech Solutions project is piloting a smart refrigerator for 4 individuals who live in a Forever Home they support.  LADD will be studying the impact on independence the fridge has and if it can help with shopping, menu planning, and cooking.  

LADD's Innovative Technology Solutions Webinar

Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ mission statement is to provide opportunities that maximize quality of life through collaboration and connection to the community, and their vision statement is to empower people to live their lives. MCBDD serves approximately 1500 families and individuals and has implemented strategies to increase the use of technology resulting in increased independence for those served. Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities mission is to assist and support individuals in developing their abilities through advocacy, inclusion and empowerment. Portage County currently serves 1000 individuals. SafeinHome’s mission is to enable access to independent living for all. SafeinHome currently serves over 300 individuals in OH. The partnership of the two counties allows for diverse geography (rural and urban) where the grant team can assess challenges faced by all stakeholders in the service delivery process.

Mahoning County BDD's Innovative Technology Solutions Webinar

OnSeen Marketing, Inc.

OnSeen, headquartered in London Ohio, develops mobile workforce management solutions that help organizations with remote teams manage their people, places and things through a robust mobile-web platform. We support multiple industries with our software, including: LiveCare (home healthcare and specifically the IDD community), LiveClaims (P&C Insurance), LiveGov (local and state government), LiveTrans (transportation). We serve companies across the U.S. but have a particular focus in Ohio for the IDD community. We currently have nearly 300 Ohioians with developmental disabilities benefiting from our LiveCare Solution. 

To increase the quality and reliability of Provider administrative, financial and transportation services delivered to Individuals with developmental disabilities using transformative mobile-web technology.

OnSeen Marketing Inc. Innovative Technology Solutions Webinar

Welcome House

Welcome House has embarked on the development of a new day program model, WeThrive, designed to provide adult day services in homes, virtually, in community center spaces, and eventually, when it is safe, in the community.  This model is designed to meet the individualized needs of participants, with weekly programs designed around each person’s outcomes.

The key to this new service delivery model is technology.  Technology will enable individuals with developmental disabilities to be a part of the community without being physically in the community, while also enabling more cost effective service delivery to a larger audience.