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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can be used as a creative solution to help with a person's health and safety and can support a person’s desire for more independence at home, in the community, or at work. This service enables people to use smart or electronic devices to increase their independence and reduce reliance on paid caregivers to help with a person’s needs. It includes things that can

  • help a person cook safely,
  • call for help if someone falls or hurts themselves while at home alone,
  • and remind a person to take medications.

The service also pays for consultation to make sure people are matched with the right technology to meet their needs, the appropriate equipment, and equipment training for the person as well as for their paid or unpaid caregiver.

Assistive Technology is always combined with Remote Support but can also be used as a standalone service. It is available for people using Individual Options, Level One, and SELF waivers.

Virtual Home Walk-Through

The kind of supportive technology each person uses will be different, depending on the kind of support they need. Click through some of the options available in the rooms below.

How People Use Assistive Technology