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Many Ohioans with developmental disabilities encounter obstacles in daily tasks and activities as well as accessing education and jobs. Devices that engage in two-way communication or provide step-by step assistance can help people overcome these barriers and help them live the lives they want. For example, many new technologies can help someone feel more secure in their home, provide instruction on how to prepare an evening meal, or help to access public transportation. With these advancements, more Ohioans with developmental disabilities will have the opportunity to experience a life more fully integrated into their community.

Under Ohio's Technology First initiative, DODD will work with county boards of developmental disabilities to ensure technology is considered as part of all service and support plans for people with disabilities. Remote Support must be considered as the first option when authorizing services for a person with disabilities before authorizing on-site Homemaker/Personal Care staff. Technology First, created through a 2018 executive order, is not a technology-only policy but aims to help people learn more about how to use technology to improve their quality of life and how they can experience more independence and personal freedom.

Marci uses Assistive Technology in her home in Franklin County.


Supportive Technology

DODD’s supportive technology-based services include Assistive Technology and Remote Support. Something is considered Assistive Technology if it helps provide personalized support for daily tasks, such as a cellphone application that reminds someone to stay on task at their job, or appliances with automatic shut-off features.

Remote Support uses two-way communication in real time, just like Skype or FaceTime, so a person can communicate with their providers when they need them. This allows for a person to be more independent in their home without a provider being on site.

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This resource visually shows the timeline of technology in Ohio's DD system.

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