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Regional Residential Crisis Support Plan External Process

Regional Residential Crisis Support Plan

Purpose: To create a regional team structure built upon local support and consultation with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to respond to crisis issues that residential providers may be experiencing.  The process will be built upon collaboration between DODD, county boards of developmental disabilities, providers, and members of local teams. 

The Regional Residential Crisis Support Plan is triggered when:   

A residential provider does not have the resources, staff, or residential capacity to provide the services necessary to ensure the health and safety of a person or people receiving services.   

The Regional Residential Crisis Support Plan operates as follows: 

1. Provider > 2. County Board > 3. DODD Regional Team > 4. DODD Strike Team   

Step 1:            Provider Identifies Crisis Scenario and Attempts to Find Solutions 

The provider shall try to use existing resources to address the need as best they can with local means within their control. This could include hiring new staff, incentivizing existing staff to return to duty, signing contracts with other residential providers for staffing “loans,” etc. 

If that does not address the crisis, proceed to Step 2 

Step 2:            Provider Contacts County Board Provider Support Liaison for Help 

After exhausting existing resources within their control, the provider should contact their county board provider support liaison for assistance. The county board liaison will make every effort to work within that county’s provider pool and community resources to coordinate with the person’s team* to address the crisis through any available means.  

*This does NOT mean that a formal team meeting must be held, just that the team lead is contacted to gather relevant information and to ensure that members of the team are engaged in the development and implementation of a solution. 

If  that does not address the crisis, proceed to Step 3 

Step 3:            Provider or County Board Contacts DODD Regional Provider Resources and Support CRC for Support  

If, after local collaboration, a provider or county board is unable to use existing resources within the provider or county’s control, the board should contact the DODD Provider Resources and Support CRC assigned to their region to explore possible solutions which may include utilizing support from resources and providers outside their county.  The Provider Resources and Support CRC will respond to any request for assistance immediately, but no later than one business day from getting the request for assistance.  The DODD Provider Resources and Support CRC will report all residential crisis issues to Ann Weisent, Provider Resources and Support Manager, and will utilize all resources available within their region to attempt to address the need. This may include contacting other DODD regional support team members or other state agency representatives for resources.  The assigned CRC will also contact provider association representatives to identify additional residential supports which may be available. 

Regional Provider Resources and Support CRCs

See Regional Map below 

Region 1 and 2 – Dawn Smith dawn.smith@dodd.ohio.gov  614-687-3548

Region 3 and 4 – Renee Weaver renee.weaver@dodd.ohio.gov 513-649-9208

Region 5 and 6 – Michael Hogan michael.hogan@dodd.ohio.gov 330-360-6470

Provider Resources and Support Manager

Ann Weisent ann.weisent@dodd.ohio.gov  614-949-8792

                         If that does not address the crisis, proceed to Step 4

Step 4:            For All Residential Settings

If the DODD regional support team organized by the Provider Resources and Supports CRCs cannot solve the problem with resources available to them, the DODD regional support team should elevate the crisis to Ann Weisent who will engage a group of senior leaders at DODD who will work to take extraordinary measures using all departmental resources to attempt to solve the crisis. 

Step 4:             For ICFs Only

In addition to Steps 1 -3 of this process, ICFs may submit a request for temporary crisis staffing support for long-term care facilities via the Ohio Department of Aging’s  COVID-19 Care Center Portal .