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Kit: Assistive Technology

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Assistive Technology can be used as a creative solution to help with a person's health and safety, and can support a person’s desire for more independence at home

Social Media Fast Facts

  • Technology has been helping people with disabilities with their everyday activities. Now you can apply for an Assistive Technology consultation to explore with technology services will best meet your needs. 
  • People with disabilities are using assistive technology to become more independent at home and to help at their places of employment. Watch success stories on DODD's YouTube channel with keyword search "Assistive Technology."
  • Lending libraries are helpful for people with disabilities to try out different technology based on their needs before purchasing equipment, such as medical equipment and adaptive toys. Learn more here.
  • Remote Support allows an off-site direct service provider to monitor and respond to a person's health, safety, and other needs using live communication, while offering the person more independence in their home. Learn more