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The Ohio Incident Tracking and Monitoring System (OhioITMS) is officially live! 

Thank you for your patience as we move forward with this project. We have loaded in the investigative agents for all counties, COG’s and DC’s. You should be able to log in and see the OITMS application. If you do not see the tile please go into the APP Store and search Ohio ITMS and select the tile for inclusion in your Apps.

Once you complete the APP search and “request access” to the OITMS application, you will be granted access to the application and should be able to log into the system to enter new MUI’s through your MY APPS tab. Our legacy ITS has been changed to read only access, however, you can still log in and see any historical information/data you may need if you cannot find it in the new OITMS. Our contractors and IT personnel are aware that there are still some issues related to data migration impacting MUI searches and they continue to work diligently to resolve these concerns.

With any new system, we will continue working together to troubleshoot and address any concerns you may be having. 

Please contact us at (614) 995-3810, email us at OhioITMS@dodd.ohio.gov, and or contact your regional manager directly for assistance. 

-MUI Registry Unit