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Initiative Overview

"Helping Ohio's communities serve people with Dual Diagnoses"

The MI/ID CCOE is jointly funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of the MI/ID CCOE is to make life better for people with dual diagnoses of mental illness and a developmental disability.

  • We create access to expert assessments and recommendations.
  • We train and educate professionals, paraprofessionals and future professionals to address needs in both mental health and developmental disabilities.
  • We support Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities coordinating and working together
  • We help communities build their knowledge and resources for serving this population.

Our Philosophy

  • The Mental Health system can serve individuals who also have developmental disabilities, and the Developmental Disabilities system can serve individuals with a mental illness. In most cases, these professionals have the tools and need only some specific resources and modifications.
  • In both systems, the way to begin working with people with dual diagnoses is by using the universal precaution of Tauma-Informed Care:  making sure each individual feels safe and in control.
  • To address the gaps in what each system can do, we must work together.


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