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Mental Wellness

Dr. Gentile (jen-TILL-ee) is a Professor of Psychiatry and Chair at Wright State University, Project Director for Ohio’s Coordinating Center of Excellence in Mental Illness/Intellectual Disability and for Ohio’s Telepsychiatry Project for Intellectual Disability. She has evaluated more than 5,500 patients with intellectual disability and mental illness. She is the recipient of both the American Psychiatric Association’s and NADD’s Menolascino National Award for Excellence in Psychiatric Services for Developmental Disabilities and has been awarded more than $8,000,000 in grants and contracts to support her work. She has authored more than 80 scientific articles on intellectual disability and co-edited two textbooks, Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability published by Wiley (UK) in 2012 and The Guide to Intellectual Disabilities published by Springer (US) in 2019.