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Gallipolis Developmental Center

2500 Ohio Avenue GDC.png
Gallipolis, OH 45631-1699
Telephone: (740) 446-1642
Fax: (740) 446-1341
Superintendent: Mike Fitch
Operations Director: Margaret Mossbarger
Program Director: Susan Engle
Medical Director: Christina Kremer-Goodson
Nursing Director: Shannon Flint
Human Resource Director: Sherry Gordon

The Gallipolis Developmental Center (GDC) is located on an Ohio River Plateau within the historic city of Gallipolis . GDC is currently home for approximately 101 individuals with developmental disabilities. These individuals reside in comfortable, home-like living units. The majority of people who reside at GDC need extensive supports in the areas of daily living, health care, and social skills development. The Center provides a wide variety of professional services.

Gallipolis Developmental Center : Serving the counties (Region 4) of Fayette, Pickaway, Ross, Pike, Vinton, Jackson , Athens , Meigs, Gallia, Lawrence , and Scioto .  

A majority of the individuals served participate in off-campus work/habilitative activities provided during the day through an agreement with Riverview Productions and Gallia County Board of DD. In addition, a 35,000 square-foot Activity Center is an on-grounds location for habilitation, recreation, work-readiness, and therapeutic training for individuals choosing those activities. In addition to this vocational training, the center provides a full array of health services, including physician, specialists, nursing, psychiatrist, OT/PT, and programmatic specialists such as psychology, social work, and speech therapy.

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