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Developmental Centers


Since 1857, when Ohio accepted the first person with a developmental disability into a public facility, it has recognized that some citizens require these special services. Since that time, the care provided, and the programs offered by state-operated facilities have undergone major changes. It is believed that some individuals with severe challenges still require and benefit from the comprehensive and intensive services that a state-operated facility provides. No resident is ever considered permanently placed at a Developmental Center. From the time of placement, programs are developed to teach skills needed for a move to a less intensive setting. In addition to providing habilitation, centers provide extensive outreach services to county boards and other providers, including case consultation and staff training.

Annual Report 2013

Developmental Centers Admission Criteria and Process​​

Developmental Center Roster

Developmental Centers​

Cambridge Developmental Center

Columbus Developmental Center

Gallipolis Developmental Center

Montgomery Developmental Center

Mount Vernon Developmental Center

Northwest Ohio Developmental Center

Southwest Ohio Developmental Center

Tiffin Developmental Center

Warrensville Developmental Center

Youngstown Developmental Center