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Ohio Shared Living (OSL) is a service option for people who need help with personal care and other activities at home. Adults enrolled on the IO waiver have the option of receiving supports from a live-in caregiver. OSL create opportunities for people to live in dependable, familiar environments where they can gain confidence as they build skills and take pride in their own living space. People participating in OSL can access other waiver services, including adult day, vocational habilitation or any employment or career service.

OSL caregivers are paid to coordinate or facilitate residential supports such as assistance with personal care, supervision, support services, housekeeping, helping people be involved in community activities, and all other services outlined in a service plan. OSL caregivers can be family, friends, roommates, or staff who work for a provider company. Live-in caregivers can provide support in their homes or in the home of a person accessing services. Many people enjoy friendships with their OSL caregivers, and good living arrangements can last a long time.

It can take time to match the right OSL provider with the right person and environment. Those hoping to provide OSL services could be encouraged to become certified and offer respite as a means of gaining experience and developing relationships with people considering OSL.

Being a caregiver is a full-time commitment; however, caregivers can still work outside the home having coordinated supports that align with the service plan. During a short term absence, respite services can be accessed by those 
providing OSL services. People can also receive support through homemaker/personal care (HPC) services on days that OSL services are not provided.

The Ohio Shared Living service applies whether or not the caregiver is related to the person receiving the services of the caregiver.

It is only authorized using a daily rate and has no 15-minute unit option available.

Ohio Shared Living has one daily rate for independent providers and one daily rate for agency providers.

It has a higher provider reimbursement rate available than Adult Family Living and Adult Foster Care previously offered.

While the amount of increase is not the same for every Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) funding range, there is at least a slight increase for every range.