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Transitions Developmental Disabilities (TDD) Waiver

The Transitions Developmental Disabilities (TDD) Waiver was established in 2002 to accommodate individuals who were being served on the Ohio Home Care Waiver who had an intermediate care facility level of care.  The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) previously administered the waiver since and contracted with CareStar to perform all case management functions.  Effective January 1, 2013, operation and administration of the TDD Waiver has transferred to DODD.

What You Need to Know About Case Management and Enrollment Processes

We minimized disruption to individuals served, their families, and providers of TDD services during transition of the program to DODD. No immediate changes were made to the waiver service package, rates of payment, or provider enrollment processes.  The All Services Plan in effect for each individual on January 1, 2013 will remain in effect until it is time for the individual’s annual review or when a change is needed due to a change in the person’s needs.   Individuals may also keep their existing providers.

The most significant change is with case management.  CareStar no longer develops services plans, establishes budgets, or monitors services.  These functions have transferred to county boards of developmental disabilities (CBDDs).   With this change, information is no longer communicated to individuals, families or providers through CareStar’s Enterprise System (   Plans and budget authorizations are now shared directly from the county boards through the mail and/or e-mail.

Finding TDD Providers

Transitions DD Waiver providers are now listed in the DODD Provider Search.  You can find providers who are enrolled to provide TDD services from the Topic Search located at the top bar on the screen at

You can also search by selecting to start a new search.  From this option, you can select whether you wish to search for an agency provider or an independent provider; you can search by specific counties; or you can search by specific service.

Rules on TDD Waiver

DODD  Rules pertaining to the Transitions Developmental Disabilities (TDD) waiver are  located in chapter 5123:2-9 of the Ohio Administrative Code.  To see copies of the rules, go to​


Questions or comments related to the Transitions Developmental Disabilities (TDD) Waiver may be submitted to

DODD also maintains a mailing list for people who would like to receive regular information on the TDD Waiver.  To be included on the mailing list, please submit contact information to