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Jul 24
Complex care add-on information

The below is an email that was shared with your county board superintendent along with your county specific list. Please see the superintendent for your specific information. 

In preparation for the implementation of the new complex care add-on, DODD wanted to provide you with the list of individuals in your county who are currently enrolled on an Individual Options (IO) Waiver and who would qualify for the add-on based on their ODDP. Please review the list and make sure the information contained within the ODDP is an accurate reflection of each person’s current status. For all individuals who are eligible for the add-on, the cost projection and PAWS need to be updated to include the complex care add-on.

Jul 21
Data Warehouse (July 21, 2017)

Warehouse image linking to DODD.

  DODD Data Warehouse                                                     July 21, 2017

Software Upgrade: Portal Will Be Down

DODD is upgrading the software for PCW, PSM, and LDW. During this upgrade, the portal will be down, and you will not be able to access these applications starting Today (July 21st) at 4:00 pm until Monday (July 24th) at 8:00 am.

    Waiting List Clean-Up

    So far, 80 counties have completed the waiting list clean-up! We are only waiting on 8 counties to finish. Please keep up the hard work. If you have any questions, contact Joslyn Tijerina at

    Report of the Week

Mismatched or Missing Medicaid Number


There are about 4,600 Active individuals who are Medicaid eligible but do not have a Medicaid number in our system. If you want to see the list for your county, there is a report in the data warehouse you can run. The “Mismatched or Missing Medicaid Number” report will give you a list of individuals in your county who are Medicaid eligible, but either do not have a Medicaid number or have a Medicaid number that does not match ODJFS. If you have any questions about running the report, or how to proceed once you run the report for your county, please feel free to contact,, or

    Have a Report Emailed to You 

    If you are finding yourself needing a data warehouse report repetitively, you can schedule the report to run automatically as often as you need. You can also have the report sent to your email! Watch this webinar on Scheduling reports to see how.


Data Warehouse FAQ: How to Schedule and Email a Report

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Jul 19
Pipeline Weekly (July 19, 2017)

DODD Newsletter                                                                  July 19, 2017

DODD Outlines Positive Initiatives in State Budget

In the July 6 issue of Pipeline Weekly, the Department of Developmental Disabilities informed readers Gov. John Kasich had signed the state biennium budget, which invests $65 million in new funding toward DODD initiatives. 

This week, DODD outlines how that funding will have positive effects on the developmental disabilities community.

Read More

This Week @ DODD

 Training & Tools                        Health & Welfare

#FamilyTalk: DODD Budget

Wonder how the Ohio budget affects people with developmental disabilities and their families? Director John Martin will talk about DODD's budget with Family Liaison Kim Weimer. #FamilyTalk will be hosted on Facebook Live Friday, July 21, from 2:30 to 3 PM. Join to ask DODD your questions!

Health Alert: Transitions

Each year, people with developmental disabilities experience many transitions of care, such as getting a new job, moving into a new home, or changing providers. Read the new Health and Welfare Alert about how those changes can pose risks to a person’s health and safety if communication is not effective.

Operations                                   Employment First

Webinar Options Expanded

DODD has heard your feedback and is expanding the recorded webinar options for county board member training. Board members are now able to watch any webinar available in our webinar catalog to satisfy the required two hours of in-service training from DODD.

Thank You, Survey Takers!

More than 1,000 people took the Employment First online survey, and nearly 200 people attended stakeholder forums on employment earlier this year! 


DODD will use that feedback to develop Employment First priorities and policies related to improving employment options and community life for people with developmental disabilities.

Like Pipeline Weekly? Check out Family Connection.

Jul 18
Impact to DODD Provider Billing for Waiver Services in Prior Years

In the Ohio Benefits system, in scenarios where a waiver service is renewed for a new year, the Begin Date for the prior year’s coverage span is being updated with the new year’s Begin Date. This is causing billing errors when a provider attempts to bill for services utilized during the prior year. The coverage span in Ohio Benefits and the claims system (MITS) now reflects the Begin Date for the new coverage year and does not recognize the individual’s coverage for the prior year.  

The Ohio Benefits system is currently designed to assume that the original Begin Date for an individual’s waiver would not change when coverage is renewed and instead, the system expects that the End Date will be extended by another year.

In order to resolve this business problem, a system enhancement has been planned for Ohio Benefits that will be implemented in October 2017. With this enhancement in place, Ohio Benefits will retain the original Begin Date, and not replace it. Ohio Benefits will replace the end date with the renewed end date from DODD. MITS will then be updated to reflect the new end date to allow continued waiver eligibility.  

In the meantime, providers should do the following to address billing errors that may occur:

  • If a DODD provider receives any of these codes, wait until the next week and bill again.
    [308, 473, 476, 244, 278]

  • If the error is received again, email Jessica McGonigle at with the subject line “Eligibility Issue” and attach billing rejection or screen shot the rejection screen into email. A dedicated person within DODD has been designated to resolve these issues when the emails are received.

Jul 18
Health and Welfare: Transitions of Care
Jul 17
Memo Monday (July 17, 2017)

DODD Outlines State Budget Initiatives

The newly signed state operating budget builds on the previous budget's historic $286 million investment in the Department of Developmental Disabilities by investing $65 million in new funding over the biennium. 


Read more about the positive aspects of the budget on the developmental disabilities community.  

Read Memo

Board Member Recorded Webinar Options Expanded

Attention: County Boards

DODD has heard your feedback and is expanding the recorded webinar options for county board member training. Board members are now able to watch any webinar available in our webinar catalog to satisfy the required two hours of in-service training from DODD (5123:2-1-13).

Read Memo

Nursing Task Assessment Form Updated

Attention: Nurses

The Nursing Task Assessment (NTA) has been updated to include a new field: Date Assessment Complete. Please discard any outdated NTA forms you may have saved and begin using the updated NTA today. The form is available under the "Prior Authorization" section on DODD's website.

Revised Form

Complex Care Add-On Added to MSS

Attention: Providers

July 28, 2017, the new complex care add-on will be added to the Medicaid Services System (MSS). This add-on will apply to Homemaker/Personal Care services for people enrolled in the Individual Options Waiver who meet the criteria specified in the revision to Ohio Administrative Code 5123:2-9-30 (F)(5).

Read Memo

OPSR Revises Compliance Review Tool

Attention: All Providers

The Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR) has recently revised the Compliance Review Tool. The concepts and philosophies are not new; however, the tool questions have changed.

Read Memo

Jul 14
Data Warehouse (July 14, 2017)

Warehouse image linking to DODD.

  DODD Data Warehouse                                                     July 14, 2017

DODD actively serves 69 individuals with cleft or craniofacial conditions. This month, take the time to familiarize yourself with the nuances of these conditions so we can raise awareness.

    Waiting List Clean-Up

    So far, 78 counties have completed the waiting list clean-up! We are only waiting on 10 counties to finish. Please keep up the hard work. If you have any questions, contact Joslyn Tijerina at

  Coming Soon: Living Arrangement Clean-Up  


We are in the process of updating the source for living arrangement data. This means we will get the living arrangement/address data directly from Imagine/CRM pulled into the Data Warehouse. When this update is complete, we will be doing a living arrangement clean-up. If you would like to get a head start, you can look at the "Active Individuals with Unknown Living Arrangement" report. This report is not perfect, but is a great place to start. It can be found by following the breadcrumbs below.

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Jul 14
Board Member Recorded Webinar Options Expanded

The Department of Developmental Disabilities has heard your feedback and is expanding the recorded webinar options for board member training. Board members are now able to watch any webinar available in the webinar catalog to satisfy the required two hours of in-service training from DODD (5123:2-1-13).

As always, county board certificate managers or superintendents must maintain documentation of completed board member training. 

That might include

- A sign-in sheet for recorded webinars viewed as a group

- An email in which the board member attests to watching one of the recorded webinars targeted for board member training.

Continuing professional development (CPD) units, approval numbers, or certificates are not required as proof of completion for board member training. 

Questions? Email

Jul 14
DODD Outlines FY18-19 Budget Initiatives

June 30, 2017, Gov. John Kasich signed the Fiscal Year 2018-19 biennial operating budget for the State of Ohio, bringing the budget process to a close.

The current operating budget builds on the historic $286 million investment made two years ago by investing $65 million in new dollars over the biennium.

This new funding makes possible the initiatives outlined below and will strengthen opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to receive services in the community as well as meet the needs of those living at intermediate care facilities (ICF).

Home and Community-Based Services Waivers

The budget continues to prioritize home and community-based services and makes the following investments in programs that support individuals who choose to live and work in the community.

  • Increases options for individuals who prefer a waiver setting. The operating budget continues funding to support the 3,000 waivers created in the last budget and adds approximately 750 new waivers to reduce waiting lists and provide opportunities for individuals who prefer a waiver over living in an ICF.

  • Increases waiver reimbursement to cover complex care needs. Individuals who are dependent in all areas of daily living require a workforce that is stable and well trained to meet their everyday needs and maximize their quality of life. The operating budget incentivizes providers to serve complex individuals by creating a complex care rate add-on starting in the fall of 2017.

  • Increases wages for direct support staff. DODD depends on direct service staff to provide support to more than 90,000 individuals in the developmental disabilities system. Providers face increasing challenges to recruit and retain staff. The longevity of staff is critical to providing quality services and enabling individuals to work and live in their communities. Direct support staff with two years' experience and 60 hours of training will be eligible to receive a wage increase starting in July 2018.

  • Ensure safety in delegated nursing. Funding will be made available to pay a nurse to conduct assessments, provide training, and consult with direct support staff performing health-related tasks delegated by a nurse.

  • Expands cost-saving opportunities for shared living. Ohio Shared Living is a cost-effective and stable alternative to 24-hour shift staffing. The budget aligns the rates of the two existing shared living services, Adult Family Living and Adult Foster Care. This provision will go into effect in the fall of 2017.

  • Fund program for multi-system youth with complex needs. In 2016, DODD worked to address growing concerns regarding youth with complex needs served by multiple state systems. The budget continues funding to improve outcomes for multi-system youth by avoiding out of state placement and custody relinquishment.

Private Intermediate Care Facilities

Since 2013, DODD has been working with stakeholders to modernize the ICF system. As a result, the number of ICF residents has decreased 6 percent, but the residents who remain have greater needs. The budget recognizes this dynamic and proposes to modernize ICF reimbursement to support residents with higher acuity.

  • Modernizes ICF reimbursement and increases rates. The ICF reimbursement system is more than 20 years old and in need of restructuring. The Ohio General Assembly recognized this need and has required DODD to form a stakeholder workgroup to modernize the system by the fall of 2017. Upon legislative enactment of the new reimbursement system in Fiscal Year 2019, the ICF reimbursement rate will increase by 2 percent.

  • Increases ICF reimbursement to cover complex care needs. Since 2013, the DODD has provided an add-on for children using ventilators. The operating budget removed the age requirement, so when children become adults they will not be discharged to a hospital or nursing home. This provision begins in the fall of 2017.

Thank You

Many of you have been involved in the budget process -- from providing input, to testifying, to contacting elected officials to share your thoughts on budget proposals. While there is still uncertainty around the Ohio Department of Medicaid budget, at this time, DODD does not see that uncertainty having a direct effect on the initiatives outlined above.

The department thanks you for your assistance, support, and suggestions, and looks forward to working with you to improve the lives of Ohioans with developmental disabilities.

Jul 12
Pipeline Weekly (July 12, 2017)

DODD Newsletter                                                                      July 12, 2017

AdaptAbilities: John Gets a Raise

Allen County -- John has had his job at the famous Kewpee Hamburgers restaurant in Lima for the past year. He's there four days per week, and says, "It's working out real well."


But, one day a few months ago, he had to call his service and support associate, Slone, after something odd happened to his paycheck: It was bigger.


"That makes me appreciate the work that she does," John says about consulting with Slone after the initial confusion about his raise. "I'm able to turn to her for things of that nature and get help that I need."


Watch the two talk about what it was like when John realized he was earning more at his job in Northwest Ohio.

This Week @ DODD

 Employment First                      Health & Welfare

Customized Employment Tools

July 19, explore this provider transformation webinar that investigates real-world aspects of customized employment and offers a wide selection of tools and strategies. The training will discuss how to market the idea and negotiate customized positions with employers.

Stay Up-to-Date on Alerts

Have you read the latest DODD Health and Welfare Alerts? Review common errors that occur in medication administration or smart prevention habits to prevent falls. Be sure to subscribe to these required readings and receive them in your inbox.

Operations                                   Training & Tools 

New DSP Training Taking Off

Direct service providers have a new way to take the initial eight-hour training -- online! 


Nearly 650 people have enrolled so far in the free online training modules. Start your training in the DODD MyLearning portal.

DODD Live Chat Poll

Enjoy the weekly live chats but wish they were at a different time? We want to hear from you! Take this quick poll below.


Also, check out the next live chat on updates to the Provider Services Management application at 1 PM Wednesday, July 26. Register here.

Have you attended a DODD Live Chat?

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