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Completion of this course satisfies the requirement located in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-3-01(E)(2) requiring administrators of Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) to complete a web-based orientation.

Online CourseOnline CourseC, P7/24/2017

​Learn about the cultural shift and process changes required by the new rule, and how DODD intends to support this transformation.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P6/10/2015

​Explore the restricted and prohibited measures prescribed in the rule and learn to develop behavior support strategies with restrictive measures. 

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P6/17/2015

​DODD staff discuss medical restraints and their connection to the Behavioral Support Strategies Rule (ORC 5123:2-2-06). Also discussed are medical restraints as a rights restriction, as part of someone's ISP and less restrictive options.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarH11/9/2015

​Join Heidi Davidson and Ann Weisent of DODD's Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR) as well as  Carol Kaser and Barb Stewart from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to discuss navigating the Behavioral Support Strategies Rule (ORC 5123:2-2-06) in an ICF environment.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P9/17/2015

​Learn more about the Behavior Add On Rate, effective 01.01.2016, with this recorded webinar facilitated by DODD Medicaid staff. (pdf)
Related Forms: BAO Submission Form | Behavioral Add-on Field Memo | Behavioral Add-on FAQs

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P11/19/2015

Get updates regarding Restrictive Measure Notification, data, and hear success stories from two county boards and an ICF about changing their philosophies and practices to be in alignment with changes to the Behavioral Support Strategies Rule.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P3/22/2016

​In 2015, about 70% of people with developmental disabilities reported experiencing trauma. Learn more about responding through Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). (pdf)
Resources mentioned during presentation: 
ACE Test | Resiliency Questionnaire | Helping Neen (Video)  | OHMAS Resource

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarM3/31/2016

Once a report is made of alleged abuse, an MUI investigation begins. Learn about different types of services that support victims from the initial report through prosecution, with a focus on prevention. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC2/25/2016

​People with developmental disabilities are high risk for becoming victims of human trafficking. Learn the signs and discuss prevention. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC1/28/2016

​This webinar discusses the signs and symptoms of abuse, as well as some of the reasons abuse goes unreported in an effort to educate and empower people with disabilities and the people who support them. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC11/19/2015

​Supporting people with complex diets presents a unique set of challenges, especially during the holidays when food is a focus. 

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC10/29/2015

​Join DODD staff to discuss the SELF waiver, learn the specific needs this waiver can support and how it's used to meet a person's needs.

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC, M8/27/2015

​Hear from DODD's IT, Medicaid and Policy teams as they discuss applications most viewers will use every day (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC7/30/2015

Documentation through a person-centered lens.

Also see DODD's provider documentation memo (pdf), and a follow-up to webinar questions here.

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC6/18/2015

Learn more about a guardian's role in person-centered planning meetings. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarH4/30/2015

Join Kelly Ferenbaugh to hear team members share stories of success and struggle as well as strategies to improve team communication. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC3/26/2015

​In partnership with DODD a workgroup developed recommendations and tools, which complement the person-centered planning process when working with sex-offenders. (pdf)  Follow-up to webinar questions here.

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarH2/26/2015

​The scope of rule 5123:2-2-06, Behavior support strategies that include restrictive measures that may bring changes to many ISPs (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC1/29/2015

​Review data from the National Core Indicators project. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC12/18/2014

Health and Welfare concerns discussed as part of person-centered work and the Service and Support Administration Rule
(5123:2-1-11: effective March 17, 2014).  (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC11/17/2014

This webinar includes differences between outcomes and goals, resources for outcome identification, development and implementation. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC9/25/2014

Speakers address opportunities for employment for people who have complex needs (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC7/31/2014

​Tools and promising practices that that can simplify an ISP, making it more flexible and easier to update. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC6/26/2014

​Speakers from three county boards whose techniques using conversational assessment have been recognized as promising practices in Ohio. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC5/29/2014

​Kicking off the Brown Bag Thursday webinar series, Director John Martin discusses the guiding principles that support DODD's person-centered philosophy, what a person-centered approach has to offer, and how DODD initiatives support this central vision.

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC4/24/2014

Director John Martin leads discussion of the Department's plans for complying with CMS's changes to the HCBS rule and the impact on Ohio's statewide system. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarM4/29/2015

DODD Director John Martin leads a discussion of the key principles of person-centered planning and the department's plan to come into compliance with the CMS rule regarding conflict-free case management.

Recorded WebinarM9/8/2015

​Director Martin leads a discussion of county-level data from across the state, with a special focus on how data can be used to inform policy and funding decisions at both the state and local levels.(pdf)

Recorded WebinarM3/9/2016

​Practical tools to support Employment Services professionals.

Employment FirstRecorded WebinarC, P

​The Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued new regulations with the goal of maximizing opportunities for people to receive services in the most integrated setting possible. In the coming months, DODD will conduct on-site visits to see how providers are making community inclusion a reality for people served.

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P3/18/2016

​A review of changes to the LOC Rule, effective July 1, 2015, this webinar discussed new training requirements for LOC evaluators and responded to questions from participants. (pdf)

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P4/15/2015

​Get a thorough understanding of the new LOC Application in this two part webinar training. Part 1 | Part 2

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P6/23/2015

Adding/updating guardians in the CRM system. Jhamerra Smith Management analyst waiver unit.

DODD Online ApplicationRecorded WebinarC, P4/12/2016

​The final webinar of a three part series on abuse, join Scott Phillips of MUI for a data-driven look at causes, contributing factors and effective prevention planning for Sexual, Physical and Verbal abuse. Supporting people after abuse and preventing further victimization is also discussed. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC4/28/2016

​When evaluating a person-centered plan it can be difficult to know whether the plan can be translated into tangible outcomes for an individual. Speakers share tools to evaluate a person-centered plan, and testimonies of successfully translating plans into outcomes.

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarC5/26/2016

​Mary Vicario, LPCC-S, Certified Trauma Specialist will talk about how to recognize trauma, what behavior might be telling us about someone's trauma history, cautions and red flags for trauma & resilience. (pdf)

Trauma-Informed CareRecorded WebinarH4/13/2016

Subject matter experts discuss Remote Monitoring, Ohio Shared Living and ICF Conversion with subject matter experts from across Ohio. Printable slides and Discussion Guide are available. 

Recorded WebinarM6/7/2016

Rachel Ramirez, LISW-S, Training and Technical Assistance Specialist at the Ohio Domestic Violence Network talks about the meaning of being trauma-informed, the importance of an agency to be trauma-informed, how a trauma-informed approach is different & how agencies can get started in becoming trauma-informed. (pdf)

Trauma-Informed CareRecorded WebinarC, P4/21/2016

Building resilience is a powerful way to help individuals avoid or overcome trauma & toxic stress. This webinar will explore four tried & true resilience building tools developed & used by the Hamilton County Resilience Project. (pdf)

Trauma-Informed CareRecorded WebinarC, P4/27/2016

Dr. Julie Gentile, MD Professor and Director, Intellectual Disability Psychiatry will identifying behavioral presentations of trauma in persons with developmental disabilities, talk about how to facilitate trauma recovery & identify the three categories of trauma symptoms in persons with developmental disabilities. (pdf)

Trauma-Informed CareRecorded WebinarH6/15/2016

​The webinar is directed at county board, and cog employees whom have responsibility for entering information for the IO Waiver Nursing into the Medicaid Services System (MSS) application.  The focus is on the completion of Cost Projection Tools (CPTS) for individuals receiving state plan nursing, Private Duty nursing (PDN), and Waiver nursing.  FAQ

DODD Online ApplicationRecorded WebinarC, P6/14/2016

​This webinar covers clarifications to the IAF based on stakeholder expert panel input.  We review examples of the clarified frequency guidelines, and discuss clarifications to the behavior and medical domains.  We discuss how these changes will be implemented going forward as well as how prior 2015 exception reviews will be addressed. (pdf)

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, P6/23/2016

​The webinar is for families and providers regarding the addition of Waiver Nursing into the Individual Options (I/O) Waiver.  The focus is to provide an explanation of Waiver Nursing services - when appropriate/allowable, the types of Nursing available, and steps needed for addition of nursing service to your Individual Service Plan. (pdf) (FAQ)

MedicaidRecorded WebinarM6/23/2016

​There are many ways to support people with developmental disabilities who want to live in a community setting. One way is Ohio Shared Living, a program in which a host or host family shares their home with a person with developmental disabilities. This unique program is designed to promote independence, skill development and growth.  Buffie LaBelle of REM Ohio, Inc. and Christine Kristanich of Caregiver Homes discuss the importance of Ohio Shared Living and share a few success stories. (pdf)

Brown Bag ThursdayRecorded WebinarM6/24/2016

This webinar covers ICF-IID rule changes effective 7/1/2016 as applicable to bed hold days.  We review the major changes providers should be aware of and provide a demonstration showing how the Imagine Portal is used to submit bed hold day requests. (pdf)

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, P6/29/2016

This webinar provides an overview of the Title XX Social Services Block Grant and discuss the grant agreement process for federal fiscal year 2017.

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P7/7/2016

Josephine F. Wilson, D.D.S., Ph.D. Director, Substance Abuse Resources and Disability Issues Program Professor of Community Health, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University shares information about the Heroin epidemic and how it is impacting Ohio and Ohioans with developmental disabilities.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P8/12/2016

Mindi Kuebler RN, MSN, SANE-A, SANE-P, Regional Director of Health Care Services (RDHCS) for Echoing Hills Village, Inc. discusses sexual assault issues for individuals with IDD.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P7/1/2016

​Everything you wanted to know about Semi-Annual Analysis but were afraid to ask. Target Audience: Independent Providers, Agency Provides and County Board Staff.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P8/18/2016

​Looking at ways the primary care physician and the office staff can create more accessible environments, provide comprehensive services effectively, and engage people with disabilities as partners in their health care.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P8/18/2016

Identifying trends and patterns when completing monthly UI logs.  Making the most of reviewing your incident logs and obtaining valuable information from analyzing the data found in your review.  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/16/2015

​This is the fourth of a four part series focused on preventing falls in people with developmental disabilities. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/15/2015

​Appendix C Forms: Another tool for communication, Appendix breakdown (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/7/2015

This is the third of a four part series designed to increase the viewers' knowledge regarding choking prevention.  Discussed are choking hazards and ways to prevent choking.   Valuable inforamtion for those working with individuals with developmental disabilities. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/1/2015

​This training will review the definition of unusual incidents, provide some examples and requirements for conducting unusual incident investigations. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P6/9/2015

This is the second of a four part series focusing on different aspects of falls and prevention.  Attend any one webinar or join us for all four.  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/15/2015

Offered for new County Board, COG or DC MUI contacts as well as Ias and others who enter information into the Incident Tracking System, this webinar will answer your questions about the system as well as show best reporting practices.  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P4/2/2016

​​This one of four part series highlights multiple aspects of choking that impact people with developmental disabilities most.  Also discussed, preventing choking incidents and deaths.  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P3/12/2015

​​A quick training for providers on how to complete UI Log reviews and get meaningful info to improve services.  Included is all the info you need to get the most out of completing your log review. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P8/6/2016

​​A quick training for providers on how to complete UI Log reviews and get meaningful information to improve services.  Included will be all the information you need to get the most out of completing your log review.  Target audience: independent providers, agency providers and county board staff. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P7/1/2014

​​Incident Identification, Reporting and Investigations, Who must write incident reports, requirements of an incident report. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/27/2015

​Join the MUI team in a discussion of Peer to Peer Acts MUIs.  Geat information as well as examples on when to file and what to file.  Answers to questions from the field also detailed in this one hour webinar. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P11/28/2015

​Representatives from the American Heart Association will present information about Heart Health.  People with disabilities are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke as they are more likely to have high blood pressure and other associated risk factors.  People with disabilities have greater difficulty in keeping a healthy weight and in getting enough exercise - both important to heart health. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/26/2016

​This training will help you identify causes and other factors leading to incidents in order to develop solid prevention strategies. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/26/2016

​This training will cover the process from writing the incident report all the way through the unusual incident investigation.  A great training for new or even the most experienced staff.  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/3/2016

Presented by Karen J. Brown, LSW of Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and Columbus.  Objectives: Define epilepsy, seizure types and those most at risk, Explain treatment options and first aid for seizures, Describe the issues that complicate diagnosis and treatment in persons with DD, Describe disorders that mimic seizures, Define seizure observations and reporting elements helpful to physicians, and Learn when to refer clients to neurological specialists. (pdf

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P4/7/2016

Unusual Incidents, Investigations and Logs.  What all supervisory staff should know about UIs and encouraging reporting  (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P4/7/2016

​This session covers the ins and outs of conducting misappropriation investigations; helping you determine who may be the responsible PPI (Primary Person Involved), particularly when there are multiple people with access to funds, property, etc. (pdf)

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P4/19/2016

​This 1-hour training is intended for professionals who work in an administrative capacity and are responsible for the oversight of reporting and investigations. This training covers the following topics: MUI Rule definitions; reporting requirements; patterns and trends; access to records and training.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarM9/14/2017

​This webinar will review the proposed adult day and employment Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver changes targeted to come into effect November, 2016. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P7/22/2016

Career Planning: HCBS Waiver Redesign Adult Day and Employment Services (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/16/2016

This is an opportunity to receive more information about the proposed adult day and employment Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver changes targeted to come into effect November, 2016. This is particular webinar is an in depth review of Vocational Habilitation. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/16/2016

​This is an opportunity to receive more information about the proposed adult day and employment Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver changes targeted to come into effect November, 2016. This is particular webinar is an in depth review of Individual and Group Employment Supports. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/19/2016

​Training on the  Medicaid Billing System (MBS) regarding updates from the modified HCBS Waiver Services proposed to go into effect on November 1, 2016. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/19/2016

Training on the Medicaid Service System (MSS) regarding updates from the modified HCBS Waiver Services proposed to go into effect on November 1, 2016.

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/19/2016

​This is an opportunity to receive more information about specific proposed services targeted to come into effect November, 2016. This webinar will cover specifically the Career Planning service. This training will review each component of career planning, reporting, and bill procedures. (pdf)

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P9/28/2016

​Ohio DODD is implementing an initiative to ensure waiting lists are accurate and up-to-date. As a starting point, we'd like to focus on the Emergency Status lists. This video shows you how to access the reports in the data warehouse and how to start the process of cleaning up the list.

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P10/13/2016

​The provider certification will explain some of the key components to submitting an application for certification.  Screen shots are shown for knowing where each step is during the process. (PDF)

MedicaidRecorded WebinarC, P10/24/2016

​Introduction and Background: ICF/IID reimbursement system redesign contemplated in last biennial budget. Including recommendations replacing IAF with DDP. The timeline, general information and going forward. (pdf)

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, P11/2/2016

​Learn about the DODD data clean-up efforts. This video reviews: the excel user tip of the week, the emergency and still waiting list, deceased and actively waiting list and future data clean-up efforts.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P11/9/2016

​New changes to the Accreditation Compliance Process

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P10/27/2016

​What is PASRR? Learn about it and the changes it is going through. (pdf)

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P10/7/2014

​DODD and ODH have been working with stakeholders and the OHT on the transfer of responsibilities for the completion of licensure reviews in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IIDs). Hear from representatives from ODH and DODD on the transition. Discussion includes what the new process will look like as well as answers to FAQ's. 

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, P12/12/2016

​This is Part One in a six-part training. Nurses will learn to relate applicable rights of persons with DD to opportunities for supporting healthcare, develop a supportive plan of care, and seek additional supports and services for individuals with DD.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P1/3/2017

​​Introductory course on Mental Health as it relates to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P9/15/2015

​Description:  This session will delve into some of the common stressors that face caregivers of all types and some strategies to help.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P3/9/2016

​​Learn about the hazards that could lead to a fire or burn and how to prevent them.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P11/20/2015

​​This session will cover the challenges of balancing health and welfare with quality of life/rights issues during implementation of person centered planning.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P2/3/2016

​​This webinar will focus on some of the leading causes of unapproved behavior support MUIs.  Speakers will provide current data from the Incident Tracking System and discuss ways we can prevent unapproved behavior supports.

Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P3/9/2016

​Training on PCW regarding updates from the modified HCBS Waiver Services proposed to go into effect on November 1, 2016. (pdf)

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarM11/1/2016

Proposed modifications to Ohio Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Adult Day and Employment Services effective November 1, 2016 are targeted toward supporting employment and community engagement for people accessing developmental disability services. Laurel Geist and Lori Horvath from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities discuss this shift and what to expect during this transition.

HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P9/29/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


HCBS Waiver RedesignRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016


Behavioral SupportRecorded WebinarC, P10/3/2016

​Completion of this course satisfies the requirement located in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-3-01(E)(2) requiring administrators of Licensed Residential Facilities to complete a web-based orientation.

Online CourseOnline Course7/24/2017

​Completion of this course satisfies the requirements located in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-2-01 (C) for independent providers and (D) for agency providers for service documentation and billing for services.

Online CourseOnline CourseP12/13/2016

​Completion of all eight parts with a passing grade satisfies the eight-hour provider training requirement found in OAC 5123:2-2-01.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include certification requirements for independent and agency providers, defining developmental disability, roles and responsibilities of direct service providers (DSPs), overview of role of county boards of developmental disabilities and service and support administrators (SSAs), and the importance of person-centered language.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include review of DODD administered waivers and eligibility: Level 1, SELF, Individual Options. Review of specific services, role of the Level of Care (LOC) and Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP), overview of service and support administrator role in assessment and planning, and the role of the direct service provider in ISP implementation.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include rights of people with developmental disabilities, review of OAC 5123:2-2-06: Types, requirements, and limitations of restrictive measures. Prohibited measures. Unapproved behavioral support. Roles and responsibilities of human rights committees. Role and responsibilities of service and support administrators and direct service providers regarding restrictive measures.

Online Course, Behavioral SupportOnline CourseP, H6/8/2017

​Topics include the five principles of person-centered services, self-determination and self-advocacy, balancing important to and for, positive culture, positive behavioral support, and types of positive behavioral support.

Online Course, Behavioral SupportOnline CourseP, H6/8/2017

​Topics include defining trauma, causes of trauma, trauma and people with developmental disabilities, principles of trauma-informed care, recognizing trauma and signs of abuse, and responding to trauma.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include role of direct service providers in protecting health and welfare, defining unusual and major unusual incidents, signs of abuse, provider, county board, and DODD roles regarding MUIs, documenting incidents and the incident report form, UI and MUI reporting and investigations, and MUI preventions including health and welfare alerts.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include hand washing, personal protective equipment, disposable gloves, and exposure and clean-up.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​Topics include defining integration, characteristics of a fully integrated person, personal responsibility. responsibilities of direct service providers regarding community integration, team responsibilities regarding community integration, and ensuring health and safety.

Online CourseOnline CourseP6/8/2017

​An in-depth look at employment navigation, part of the requirement found in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-5-02, service and support administration certification standards.

Online CourseOnline CourseC8/16/2016

​Completing and passing the quizzes in Modules 1 - 6 satisfies the requirement for provider agency CEOs on training on internal compliance programs located in Ohio Administrative Code 5123:2-2-01 (D).

Online CourseOnline CourseP12/27/2017

​Successful completion of this course provides authorization to deliver money management services to people participating in I/DD waiver services in Ohio.

Online CourseOnline CourseP2/3/2017

​ODDP assessors are required to complete and pass this training in order to conduct an ODDP assessment.

Online CourseOnline CourseC10/31/2017

​Completion of this course satisfies the requirement located in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-2-01 requiring providers to complete a web-based orientation.

Online CourseOnline CourseP11/16/2017

​Completion of this course satisfies the requirement located in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123:2-2-01 requiring independent providers to complete a web-based orientation.

Online CourseOnline CourseP11/16/2017

​The five modules within this training cover the six topics listed in OAC 5123:2-5-02 (C)(1)(c)

Online CourseOnline CourseC3/6/2017

​Completion of this course qualifies developmental disabilities personnel to activate a vagal nerve stimulator. See OAC 5123:2-6-05 (A)(1)(a). Topics include seizure first aid, correct care and use of the VNS magnet, and documentation of seizure activity.

Online CourseOnline CourseC, P8/21/2017

​Danielle Murphy Consumer Educator, Consumer Protection Section of Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will present on common signs and types of scams. Learn to identify potential scams to protect yourself and those you support. This webinar is not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  The Ohio Attorney General’s office does not endorse or recommend Dept. of Developmental Disabilities or any products or services affiliated with Dept. of Developmental Disabilities.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P1/31/2018

​ICF evaluator user guidance and navigation for entering ICF LOC recommendations within the LOC system. 

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, M6/25/2015

​​This webinar and screenshots cover upcoming changes to waiver applications, including how to use the Selection of Entrants and County Board Waiver Allocation tiles and where to find information about an individual's waiver. It will also cover how to request allocations (formerly the PICT process).

Medicaid, DODD Online ApplicationRecorded WebinarC6/12/2018

​Webinar focuses on the upcoming Service Summary enhancements slated to be released into Production during the second week of July 2019.  It serves as an overview for those counties participating in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) prior to release. Topics include: adding Service Listings, fetching data from MSS, decoupling Services from Outcomes, County Transfers, etc.

DODD Online ApplicationRecorded WebinarC6/15/2018

The July 2018 imagineIS What’s New webinar focuses on the upcoming Service Summary enhancements being released into Production July 12, 2018.  It also includes enhancements to Reports, the County to County transfer process, Assessments and other new and helpful features.  Specific topics include: adding Service Listings, fetching data from MSS, decoupling Services from Outcomes, County Transfer approvals, editing Case Notes, end-dating Assessments, etc.

Online AppRecorded WebinarC7/9/2018

​Family Liaison Kim Weimer and Assistant Deputy Director Scott Phillips discuss ways to keep Ohioans with developmental disabilities safe online.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P1/5/2018

DODD’s Josh Anderson and Lori Horvath talk about the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/2/2018

DODD Deputy Director Lori Horvath is joined by Steve Beha and Clark County Board of DD Superintendent Jennifer Rousculp-miller to talk about changes to Ohio's Waiting List, and what they mean for county boards.

Waiting List, Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P2/20/2018

​Amanda Biel, Zach Haughawout, and Director John Martin talk about changes to Ohio’s Waiting List, and what that means for families. 

Waiting List, Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P3/5/2018

​Family Liaison Kim Weimer is joined by Kim Kehl from the Ohio Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Scott Phillips from DODD to talk about Trauma-Informed Care in Ohio's DD population.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P4/6/2018

​Tina Evans is joined by OCALI's Jen Bavry to discuss ASD Strategies in Action.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P5/4/2018

​Family Outreach and Education Coordinator Steve Beha is joined by Kyle Corbin from DODD's Ohio Technology Project to discuss different types of technology that can assist people with developmental disabilities.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P6/8/2018

​Welcome to #FamilyTalk. Today Family Outreach and Education Coordinator Steve Beha will be asking DODD's legislative liaison Jeremiah Wagner about why public policy is important to people with disabilities and their families and how they can get involved to advocate for themselves.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P8/3/2018

​Mike Pelcic, superintendent of Pickaway County Board of DD, joins #FamilyTalk to discuss the role of county boards, and how their work impacts families.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P9/11/2017

​DODD Director John Martin joins #FamilyTalk to discuss the department's FY18-19 state budget.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P9/11/2017

#FamilyTalk speaks with Nathan Dedino, part C coordinator of DODD's Early Intervention team, to discuss the program and what it does for families and children across Ohio.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P9/11/2017

​Ken Smith of Rest Assured discusses assistive and remote technology and what it can do for people with disabilities and their families.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P9/11/2017

​Amy Coey from DODD's Medicaid Division joins #FamilyTalk to discuss the Complex Care Add-On in a way that makes sense to families.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P9/22/2017

​Barbara Sapharas joins #FamilyTalk to discuss LifeCourse Framework, and how tools like the one-page profile can help plan for families and people with developmental disabilities.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/13/2017

​Cathy and Joe join Family Talk to discuss how people with disabilities can build social networks.

Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P11/13/2017

​Description of changes to PSM with the upgrade to Microsoft 365 Cloud

TrainingRecorded WebinarC, P9/21/2018

This webinar describes the new waiver nursing delegation service OAC 5123: 2-9-37 that will be available on February 1, 2018.  It describes the definition, provider requirements, documentation, service delivery and reimbursement rates.  It also describes the county board responsibility for the ISP, authorization process in MSS/CPT, and tracking service utilization through data warehouse reporting.

Medicaid-ICFRecorded WebinarC, P12/7/2017
​Learn about common risk factors and how you can prevent choking incidents for those you support.
Health & WelfareRecorded WebinarC, P10/16/2018