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Public Notice and Request for Comment

The purpose of this posting is to provide public notice and receive comments on the state’s plan to request a CMS heightened scrutiny review of six residential settings in the

ICF-IID delivery system, July 27 through August 27, 2017. The plan has been updated to incorporate heightened scrutiny evidence packages.

View the public notice, from CMS and summary of proposed updates from the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

Please note live links in docs attached.
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AdaptAbilities: Virtual Connections Links ASD Kids, Families with Experts

Technology is making services for people with developmental disabilities more accessible around the state. In Tallmadge, a city east of Akron, the Family Child Learning Center reaches parents and kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) not just through in-person visits, but through Virtual Connections -- an online service allowing families to access sessions from anywhere.


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