Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR)

JCARR was created in 1977 by HB 257 of the 112th General Assembly (Revised Code 101.35).  The Committee consists of five state Representatives and five state Senators.  In odd-numbered years the chairperson is a House member and in even-numbered years, the chairperson is a Senate member.

The primary function of JCARR is to review proposed new, amended, and rescinded rules to ensure the following:

  1. the rules do not exceed the scope of the rule-making agency's statutory authority;
  2. the rules do not conflict with a rule of that agency or another rule-making agency;
  3. the rules do not conflict with the intent of the legislature in enacting the statute under which the rule is proposed;
  4. the rule-making agency has prepared a complete and accurate rule summary and fiscal analysis of the proposed rule, amendment, or rescission (Revised Code 127.18);
  5. the rule-making agency has met the incorporation by reference standards for a text or other material as stated in Revised Code 121.72Revised Code 121.75, or Revised Code 121.76; and
  6. if the rule has an adverse impact on business (Revised Code 107.52), the rule-making agency has demonstrated through the business impact analysis, the Common Sense Initiative Office recommendations, and the agency's memorandum of response to the recommendations, that the regulatory intent of the rule justifies its adverse impact on business.
JCARR also reviews rules filed pursuant to Revised Code 119.032 known as the five-year review.  Rules filed pursuant to this section can be filed as No Change filings and are reviewed by JCARR under an additional set of criteria.

For more information, please access the JCARR website: