Medicaid Services System (MSS)


MSS is used state wide by county boards of developmental disabilities as the single common system to project the total costs of services for an individual based on assessed need to assure health and safety.  MSS provides a core DODD system to integrate other Department applications and improve data flow, integrity, and streamline the payment authorization process.

The MSS Process is comprised of the following steps: (1) Project Costs, (2) Finalize Costs, (3) Authorize Costs, (4) Recommend authorization of payment in PAWS, and (5) Generate site costs (if needed) in DRA.

Information from MSS is used to populate the enhanced Daily Rate Application (DRA), Payment Authorization of Waiver Services (PAWS), and indirectly the enhanced Medicaid Billing System (eMBS).

Daily Billing Unit Information

The enhanced Daily Rate Application (DRA) is part of the MSS application.  The enhanced DRA is a billing tool allowing for the apportionment of Homemaker/Personal Care (H/PC) services costs of IO waiver enrollees living in shared settings.  The enhanced DRA works in conjunction with the Cost Projection Tool (CPT) portion of MSS to calculate the appropriate level of reimbursement associated with H/PC Daily Billing Units (DBUs).

Daily Billing Unit and Claims Exceeding $403.98

DRA Span Edit and Claims Exceeding $403.98

Service Planning and Sharing Medicaid HCBS Waiver Services


The New PAWS in MSS - Providers Slides 

The New PAWS in MSS - Providers Notes  

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