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Dec 07
Enrolling, Disenrolling Employees in Rapback

This is the second in a series of articles that offers more information and tips on using Rapback. Visit DODD's website for information about Rapback and employment background investigations.

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Now that you have established an account with Rapback, you can begin to enroll employees.

Enrolling Employees in Rapback

Key Concepts to Remember Concerning Enrolling Employees

To enroll an employee in Rapback, the employee's background check cannot be more than a year old. If the background check is more than a year old, you must obtain a new BCI check in order to enroll the employee in Rapback.

An employee's BCI check that states it was (1) an FBI check only, (2) Poor Quality Fingerprints, or (3) a Request of Copy cannot be entered into Rapback. The employee will need to have a new BCI check to be entered into Rapback. 

Key Terms

Authentication Number: Is the unique identifier assigned to each fingerprint submission. It is located on the BCI Background Results near the top. 

Enrollee: Term for employees that are required to be in Rapback.

How to Enroll Employees in Rapback

  1. Have the BCI background check result for each employee you want to enroll in Rapback. Look at the date on the BCI background check to confirm that is not more than one year old from the date you will submit the person's name to Rapback. Check the Date Completed within the body of the letter, and not the date at the top of the letter – when the letter was oriented.
  2. Within Rapback, click on the heading "Enrollment" and select "Associate Enrollee(s)."

a.       Locate the "Authentication Number" on the BCI Background Check (Figure 1) and enter the number in the box marked "Authentication Number" and click "Search" (Figure 2).


Figure 1


Figure 2

      1. If you do not have the Authentication Number, you can still enroll the employee by clicking on "Forgot Authentication Number." You will then enter the person's first name, last name and the last five (5) digits of the Social Security number (Figure 3).
Title: Screen shot - Description: Screen shot of the Search for Enrollee Authentication Number page.

3.pngFigure 3

b.      The name associated with the "Authentication Number" will appear (Figure 4). If the name matches your employee, click "Enroll." 

      1. A box marked "Additional Information" will also appear.  Here, you can add an alternative identifier for your employee, such as an employee ID or license number. Do NOT use a Social Security number or date of birth as an alternative identifier. 


Figure 4

    1. You will receive a message that will confirm the enrollment. You will be billed $5.00 for the enrollment of this employee. The date the employee is enrolled is the date he/she is associated with Rapback, and every year on this date you will be billed $5.00 for the employee to remain enrolled in Rapback. 


Dis-enrolling Employees from Rapback

When an employee leaves your agency or no longer needs to be in Rapback (as they are no longer in a direct services position), the person is to be removed from Rapback.  To Disenroll an Employee from Rapback:

1.       Within Rapback, click on "Enrollment" and then click on "Disassociate Enrollee(s)." 

    1. In the box marked "Authentication Number," enter the "Authentication Number" associated with the employee you wish to disenroll and click "Search" (Figure 5). The system will display the name associated with the "Authentication Number."

Figure 5

2.       If you do not have the "Authentication Number," click "Forgot Authentication Number" and enter the first name, last name and last five digits of the employee's social security number and click "Search."   If a match is found, it will display the name associated with the "Authentication Number"  (Figure 6).


Figure 6

3.       If the name associated with the "Authentication Number" matches your employee and the additional information, if any, click "Unenroll"  (Figure 7).


Figure 7

4.       You will receive a message indicating confirming unenrollment.


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