Restrictive Measures Notification (RMN)

Entering information for an Restrictive Measure Notification record or you may simply update the record’s dates.

Individual Data System (IDS)

A data management system that  stores basic information for individuals served or supported by Ohio's DD service system, such as demographic data, and services received

Medicaid Services System (MSS)

MSS provides a core DODD system to integrate other Department applications and improve data flow, integrity, and streamline the payment authorization process.

Level Of Care (LOC)

Level of Care is the criteria for determining an individual's eligibility for enrollment in a waiver administered by DODD or for admission to an ICF.

DODD is working to update many of our online applications like the Individual Data System (IDS) and the Level of Care (LOC) applications to provide better integration with other statewide systems, including the Ohio Department of Medicaid's (ODM) new eligibility system, Ohio benefits.

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