​​Strategic Planning Leadership Group FAQ

What is the Strategic Planning Leadership Group (SPLG)?

The SPLG is a cross-functional work group representing different areas of Ohio's developmental disabilities system charged with helping to set strategic direction and improve the overall service system.  The group's focus includes:

  • Ask where we have been and where we are we going
  • Examine roles
  • Examine values and philosophies
  • Look at new opportunities
  • Establish a 10-year vision
  • Establish a 2-year vision​

Who is on the SPLG?

The group is comprised of approximately 20 people representing more than ten organizations, and includes a broad mix of people involved in providing services, individuals participating in services, family members, and agency staff representatives.

What is the SPLG's task?

The SPLG is tasked with developing a set of recommendations about what Ohio's developmental disabilities system should look like in two years and 10 years.

When will the recommendations be complete?​

The report will be released in the several months.​​