Disability Rights Ohio Letter

On July 1, Disability Rights Ohio (DRO) sent this letter to Governor Kasich, and Directors Martin, Moody and McCarthy. The letter outlines concerns with the status of Ohio's developmental disabilities system.

This letter, and some of the recommendations outlined by DRO, has caused concern for some families, who say their family member is in the setting that best meets their needs. We all understand that the nearly 100,000 individuals served in our system have a wide range of needs, and it's not anyone's intent to place individuals in settings that aren't appropriate. We plan to continue to offer a range of services that meet various needs.  

We are talking with DRO about their concerns, and the best way to reach our common goal of helping Ohio's citizens with developmental disabilities live and work as integrated members of the community. We will take DRO's feedback into consideration as we are looking toward the future of Ohio's developmental disabilities system.​

Check back for more information.​​​