Your Rights: State Hearings

If you disagree with decisions made by DODD about the services you receive, you have a right to appeal that decision. These decisions may include:

  • A reduction or loss of services
  • Denial of a request for services
  • Approval of services

To appeal a decision, you will request a state hearing, or a meeting with you, someone from DODD, and a hearing officer from the Ohio Department of Job and Family (ODJFS). In the hearing, DODD will explain the action it has taken or wants to take on your case. Then you will have a chance to tell why you think it is wrong. The hearing officer will listen to you and to DODD, and may ask questions to help bring out all the facts. The hearing officer will review the facts presented at the hearing, and recommend a decision based on whether or not the rules were correctly followed in your case.

The ODJFS Bureau of State Hearings manages the state hearing process. More information about the process is available on its website, including Bureau Offices contact information, and Hearing Forms.