Individual Assessment Form (IAF) Online Submission

When DODD initially released the online Level of Care (LOC) application which, among other features, controls admissions and discharges to and from ICF-IIDs, an interface was also developed between the LOC and IAF applications to control the Roster Management functions in IAF. In conjunction with the interface, manual updates to rosters was turned off for IAF submission agents.  However, there were some bugs with the interface that required manual adjustments of many IAF rosters by DODD administrators.  As a result, the roster management page was turned back on for update by submission agents.  Since that time we have worked to refine the interface and believe the bugs have been fixed.  We are once again turning off updates to rosters by submission agents.  All admissions/discharges should flow successfully from LOC to IAF.  In the event that does not occur, you may contact Ashley McKinney ( to ensure the roster is correctly updated.  If there are issues with ICF LOCs please contact the LOC mailbox at

The implementation of the interface between these applications should eliminate any discrepancies in roster information and prevent double entry.  IAF submission agents should verify their roster prior to the Reporting Period End Date (RPED) so that there is enough time to resolve any discrepancies and complete assessments prior to their due date (15 days after the RPED).

IAF Online Submission Update: Level of Care Integration

As you are well aware by now, DODD is releasing a new online Level of Care (LOC) application to be used effective July 1, 2015. Among other features, the new system will control admissions and discharges to and from ICF-IIDs. A new interface was developed between the LOC and IAF applications to control the Roster Management functions in IAF.

For all dates of service on or after July 1, the Roster Management page in the IAF application will be turned off for editing by submission agents – this is because the information will come over directly from LOC. The Roster Management page will continue to function as it has in the past for any dates of service prior to July 1, 2015. The implementation of the interface between these applications should eliminate any discrepancies in Roster information, and prevent double entry.

For questions on this announcement or other ICF-IID related topics, please contact Josh Anderson at

Also important:  A limited number of test accounts are available to practice new features in an online training environment.  Access is limited to the first 30 requests. Providers with multiple facilities and submission agents will share one training account. For access contact Josh Anderson at

Access to the IAF application will be unchanged from Phase 1.  All current submission agents will keep the access to the providers they are mapped to.

Questions? Contact Josh Anderson at (614) 387-0576 or

IAF Case Mix Score recalculations for 6 RAC Groups

Last year, a communication was sent out to all ICF providers notifying them of the change from four to six Resident Assessment Classification (RAC) groups

Based on these changes, the Department has recalculated provider case mix scores for previously issued Reporting Period End Dates (RPEDs) that are affected by this change.  Recalculated Final Quarterly reports for the March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, 2013 RPEDs are now available in the IAF application on the web portal (Note: the recalculated reports will all have a "Received" date of 2/27/14).   Submission agents will be able to access these reports for all provider numbers to which they have been associated. Instructions for how to access reports.

Should you have further questions on the recalculation of case mix scores please contact Josh Anderson at

IAF Online Update: Reports now posted online

As the next step in the development of IAF online submission all informational reports will now be posted online.  These include Submission Tracking, Preliminary Quarterly, Final Quarterly, and Final Annual IAF reports.  Beginning with the Final Quarterly report for the June 30, 2013 Reporting Period End Date (RPED), they will no longer be distributed via the old process of certified email or regular mail.  Submission agents will be able to view reports for all provider numbers for which they are associated. 

The following Job Aide briefly demonstrates how to view reports online:

How to View IAF Reports Online

Please see the security access information below if you would like to become a Submission Agent or if you are a provider that needs to associate with a Submission Agent.

The IAF Application to submit IAF assessments online is now available through the DODD web portal.  ICF Providers will still use the IAF program they have used previously to create the file that in the past would have been saved to a floppy disk, CD, or flash drive and sent to DODD through the mail.  Now that file will be uploaded directly to DODD through the DODD web portal.  The certification page which was printed and included in the mailing in the past will now be filled out online as well. In addition, the assessor for each active resident assessment is now required to be selected.

Access to the IAF Online Submission system is via the DODD portal.

A training guide has been created to help navigate users through the online submission process.  It can be found here under IAF Online Submission Training Guide Phase 2.

Obtaining access to DODD IAF Online Submission system

If you have not already done so, there are a few security steps needed before portal access can be granted.  Anyone uploading an IAF on behalf of a provider (called "Submission Agents") will need to complete a security affidavit to be granted portal access.  Providers will need to associate at least one Submission Agent to their provider number.  Specific instructions are as follows:

IAF Submission Agent

1.    IAF submission agent who currently does not have access to any of the DODD system will have to submit a security affidavit form.

2.    The submission agent needs to select Account Type as IAF Submission Agent and fill in the all the other fields with the appropriate information and click next. (note that contract number is not needed)

3.    Specify the Address information in the screen and click next.

4.    Review your completed information in the next screen and click next.

5.    Read and accept the DODD policy on data security on the next screen by the selecting the check-box to indicate this and click finish.

6.    Print the form, sign it and fax it / mail it to the Fax number or Mail address shown on the screen and exit the wizard.

Once the DODD security team receives your application, they will create a new user account and will email you the account access information.

If you already have an existing user account with DODD and have access to some of DODD systems then in step b) above specify Account type: IAF submission Agent and Request type: Change system access. In the next screen specify your current username in the contract number field.

Associating a Submission Agent to a Provider

Each Provider number will have to request association with an IAF Submission agent to allow the submission agent to submit individual assessment information on their behalf for the Report Period End Date and also specify the assessors and complete the Provider Request for Association with an Individual Assessment Submission Agent Form.

The provider will complete this form and fax it to the DODD security fax number on the form.  Note that multiple submission agents (titled "IAF Agent" on the form itself) can be associated to a provider.  They can be listed separately on one form. Also, if the submission agent user code is not available, first and last name will suffice. Once the security team receives this form and verifies the Provider they will complete the association of the Submission agent to the Provider.