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Leadership Info

Jeff Davis, Director

Davis previously served as the executive director and director of government affairs of the Ohio Provider Resource Association, where he started working in 2011. The new director also served as deputy director for constituent services at DODD for 16 years.
02Fiscal Administration

Fiscal Administration

The Division of Fiscal Administration is responsible for

  • capital and operating budgets,
  • Medicaid rate development and rate setting,
  • accounts payable and receivable,
  • procurement,
  • waiver and cost report audits,
  • state and federal reporting,
  • state and federal grants,
  • county board, developmental center, and councils of government cost report process,
  • internal control, risk analysis, and monitoring,
  • and data analytics and research.
03Human Resources
Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources is responsible for personnel services, including employee recruitment and selection, position description compliance, and the performance management program. The division enrolls employees in benefits and ensures that employees are paid timely and accurately in accordance with all laws, codes, and union contracts. 

The division also ensures the agency is in compliance with laws and regulations, provides direction and oversight for a variety of union and non-union staff employment matters, and assists supervisors in the interpretation and implementation of policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements.
04Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

The Division of Information Technology, or ITS, is responsible for designing and delivering IT systems, including deploying or installing applications to servers, ensuring systems are connected to devices and people, and providing security.

The division also manages the ITS Call Center, which provides DODD employees and customers with information and support related to technology and DODD applications and services.
05Legal and Oversight
Legal and Oversight

The Division of Legal and Oversight represents the department in legal matters and coordinates the administrative rule process. The division’s Major Unusual Incident Unit ensures the health and safety of people participating in services by overseeing the reporting and investigation of major unusual incidents, managing the Abuser Registry, and issuing health and safety information. 

The division’s Office of Provider Standards and Review manages the provider compliance process by conducting regular and special compliance reviews in licensed waiver, unlicensed waiver, and county board settings. 

The Developmental Disabilities Council is also part of the Legal and Oversight division.
06Legislative Affairs and Communications
Legislative Affairs and Communications

The Division of Legislative Affairs and Communications represents the department in the areas of legislation, communications, and constituent support. That includes developing and reviewing legislation, serving as the legislative liaison to the General Assembly and Governor’s Office, and providing relevant information to people with developmental disabilities, their families, and constituents about the department’s initiatives.

The division’s training team oversees the design, development, and implementation of the department’s training programs, including DODD MyLearning, a learning management system, with nearly 30,000 users.
07Medicaid Development and Administration
Medicaid Development and Administration

The Division of Medicaid Development and Administration works with state agency personnel and stakeholders to develop policies related to Medicaid-funded services for people with developmental disabilities. That includes drafting waiver applications, statutes, rules, and guidance for both Home and Community-Based Services waivers and intermediate care facilities.

The division also processes applications for provider certification and facility licenses, operates a customer service support center, and manages web-based applications for level of care determinations, waiver enrollments, setting rates for intermediate care facilities, and pre-admission screening and resident reviews.
08Policy and Strategic Direction

Policy and Strategic Direction

The Division of Policy and Strategic Direction develops policy related to services and initiatives that ensure people with developmental disabilities are able to have a meaningful life wherever they choose to live, work, and spend their day. The goal of the division is to incorporate best practices into service delivery around early intervention, person-centered planning, employment, trauma-informed care, dual diagnosis, multi-system youth, and supporting families.
09Residential Resources
Residential Resources

This division is responsible for oversight of Ohio’s eight developmental centers, where people with complex care needs who require intensive behavioral or medical services can receive short-term residential support focused on building long-term stabilization. 

The Housing and Capital Funds program supports county boards in securing affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities living in the community.

Residential Resources staff complete Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profiles for people with developmental disabilities in intermediate care facilities and coordinate transitions services for people leaving facilities including access to the Rental Assistance Program.