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Interview with Director Martin: Technology First
John Martin, director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, explains how Ohio will ensure that technology is considered as part of all service and support plans for the 90,000 residents with developmental disabilities.
Executive Order Focuses on Latest Technology for Disabled
Government agencies serving the developmentally disabled will focus more on getting technologies like smart wheelchairs in the hands of their clients under an executive order signed Thursday by Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich: Technology such as 'Milo' can Improve Lives of Developmentally Disabled
With "Milo" looking on, Kasich signed an executive order calling on the Department of Developmental Disabilities to emphasize the use of technology to help improve the lives and care of those with disabilities.

Database will give Ohio Law Enforcement Info on People with Disabilities

A new database will alert Ohio law enforcement officers about motorists and passengers with communication disabilities who could be mistaken for someone impaired or a threat.

State Plans Pay Increase For Some Staff Serving People With Disabilties

People who provide services for those with disabilities could receive a raise starting July 1 under a new program overseen by the Department of Developmental Disabilities. 


DSPOhio Campaign
DODD Director John Martin discusses the Direct Support Professionals campaign and recruitment effort, DSPOhio.


​Becoming a Direct Support Professional
DODD Director John Martin speaks with London Mitchell about the DSPOhio campaign.


From 'remote' to realistic shot

Chris Collins waited his whole life to live alone and, for the past two years, has enjoyed every moment of it.


Ohio Creates Crisis Fund to Help Parents Keep Custody of Severly Disabled Kids

For the first time, the state is to create a "crisis stabilization fund" that can be tapped to help so-called multisystem youths.


Ohio one of first states to experiment with video monitoring for people with developmental disabilities

Twenty-year-old Samuel Zurenski loves being independent. Sometimes he needs a little help due to developmental disabilities.


State using sensors to help people with disabilities
The State of Ohio has started using technology to try to help people with disabilities and save taxpayers money. Governor John Kasich has put more money in his budget plan to use sensors instead of 24/7 care from a home health aide.


Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center Honored by Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities visited Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center to present the park with a recognition of its mission to be inclusive toward children with developmental disabilities and their families.


Simply Faithful: Forgetting the real hero
"I'm Marketta and I work for a nonprofit that serves people with developmental disabilities. We're also expanding into child care and home health care, particularly for those who are older,” I said.

Meet 'Sesame Street's muppet with autism

As "Sesame Street" gets a new character, Julia, who has autism, an Ohio mom credits the Play Project's autism intervention for her son's development.


Darke DD brings awareness to possibilities
“All people are valuable and have potential,” is the message the Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Darke DD) has on all of its material. For Darke DD it is more than a slogan, it is a way of life.

Remote monitoring of Ohio's disabled saves money, fills need

Technology helps Lori Bolton feel safe at home when no one else is around.

All can play ball at Sports Force

Anyone, no matter the ability or disability, can be a superstar when playing at an all-star caliber facility in Erie County.

More developmentally disabled Ohians being steered directly into mainstream workforce
Without question, 19-year-old Aurora Hobden said, she wants to land a job. The prospect both thrills and frightens her. Will she be able to manage her emotions? Follow procedures? Multi-task? “What might be hard is handling the pressure,” Hobden said. “Being able to know what you’re supposed to do and do it and maybe be good at it.
Ohio looks to fill gaps in resources for young people, families in crisis
In early 2012, a 17-year-old stood up in a high school cafeteria in northeast Ohio and began shooting. Three students died, three were injured. For the leaders of Ohio’s systems of mental health and developmental disabilities, that tragic incident became a call to action.

Ohio Shared Living
John Martin, Director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, explains the state’s Ohio Shared Living program, which provides a way for persons with developmental disabilities to receive care while becoming part of a welcoming family.


State agency aims to keep kids with disabilities with their families
A new pilot program is gearing up to aid central Ohio families whose kids have disabilities and volatile behaviors that require expensive residential treatment.


Feds approve Ohio plan for disability services
Ohio's plan to give more than 36,000 people with disabilities more choices for community-based services has been approved by the federal government.