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In October, Director John Martin received the Synergy Ohio Award, which is given to a person or organization that collaborates to create a better system, services, choices, and options for people with developmental disabilities.


Dana Charlton, executive director of the Ohio Self Determination Association, presented Martin with the award. She said the director “clearly understands collaboration,” noting his work to include people with disabilities in discussions about efforts and changes that will affect them directly. Martin harbors "integrity, fairness, honesty," she said, noting, "in other words, a strong sense of doing what's right."

Martin said it has been his "privilege" to partner with organizations on important projects.

“I just deeply appreciate all the staff at the department that are so supportive of me and the work that we do, and all of you, who do a lot of the hard work out on the front lines,” Martin said. “Those of you who have the opportunity to receive supports through our system -- it’s been my privilege to serve with you.”

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Department  Budgets
HB49Developmental Disabilities Biennial Budget FY2018-19, invests $65 million in new dollars for Ohioans with developmental disabilities over the next two fiscal years. 

Read Director Martin's budget testimony.

HB 483, Developmental Disabilities Mid-Biennium Review Bill (2016), improved continuity of care for children as they grow older by making DODD the lead agency for the Early Intervention program and made it easier for direct care staff to tend to people's medical needs, among other initiatives.

Read Director Martin's MBR budget testimony.

HB 64, Developmental Disabilities Biennial Budget FY2016-17, invested $286 million in Ohioans with developmental disabilities. The largest one-time investment in the system increased opportunities for people to live and work the community. It added 3,000 new waivers, and allowed for a much-deserved wage increase for direct care staff.​

In The News
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Director's Biography
Learn about Director John Martin's experience in the developmental disability field.

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