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From the Director

As you read our Fiscal Year 2017 report, you will see the incredible amount of work that has gone into strengthening Ohio's system. We are fortunate that Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Legislature have given the department the resources needed to support Ohioans with developmental disabilities. 

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 Every day I have the privilege to be around people who are devoted to improving our    service delivery system. 

 As staff of Ohio's Department of Developmental Disabilities, we try to listen to the many voices    in our system, some who think we are moving too fast and some who think we move too              slowly. Our job is to work to find a balance and chart a path forward that reflects the diverse          needs and opinions of our community.           


 Read more of Director John Martin's letter in the 2017 Annual Report.

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Department  Budgets
HB49Developmental Disabilities Biennial Budget FY2018-19, invests $65 million in new dollars for Ohioans with developmental disabilities over the next two fiscal years. 

Read Director Martin's budget testimony.

HB 483, Developmental Disabilities Mid-Biennium Review Bill (2016), improved continuity of care for children as they grow older by making DODD the lead agency for the Early Intervention program and made it easier for direct care staff to tend to people's medical needs, among other initiatives.

Read Director Martin's MBR budget testimony.

HB 64, Developmental Disabilities Biennial Budget FY2016-17, invested $286 million in Ohioans with developmental disabilities. The largest one-time investment in the system increased opportunities for people to live and work the community. It added 3,000 new waivers, and allowed for a much-deserved wage increase for direct care staff.​

In The News
July 9, 2017 -- Ohio creates a crisis fund to help parents keep custody of their severely disabled kids. READ MORE

Ohio's CMS Transition Plan

In August 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved amendments to increase the complex care add-on rate for regular homemaker/personal care and to raise the home modification limit for the Individual Options Waiver. Also, the Ohio Shared Living service replaces Adult Foster Care and Adult Family Living.

CMS approved other amendments to the Level One, Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF), and Individual Options (IO) waivers in February 2017.

NEW PAGELearn how Ohio is transitioning so people using waiver-funded home and community-based services and settings can fully access life in their communities.