People Participating in Integrated Employment Services
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February 2018 Employment data from
CRM-IDS System, wage data collected from the Employment First Outcome System 


What NCI Says about Feeling Alone​

According to the 2015-16 NCI Adult Consumer Survey, 21% of respondents indicated there was at least one place where they felt afraid or scared. However, 96% of respondents indicated they had someone who they could turn to for help if they were afraid or scared.
National Core Indicators (NCI), 2015-16


Dual Diagnoses and Loneliness​

According to 2015-16 NCI data, people with disabilities also diagnosed with mental illness are more likely to report feeling lonely.

% of People with Developmental Disabilities Who Responded to the NCI Survey with a Dual Diagnosis

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Ohio Early Intervention

According to Ohio Early Intervention
Data Tracking System


Employment First – Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Partnership

Since October 2013, 1,501 people receiving developmental disabilities services have been successfully employed through the Employment First and OOD partnership.line.png


National Core Indicators (NCI), 2015-16

line.pngWhat Did People with Developmental Disabilities Say Their Job in the Community Means to Them?

Collected from the department's #MyEmploymentFirst​ campaign

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What NCI Says about Flu Vaccinations

According to 2015-16 NCI Data, 78% of respondents received an annual flu vaccine in the past year, 97% had a primary care doctor, and 5% of respondents indicated they were in poor health.

National Core Indicators (NCI), 2015-16line.png


DODD Data Warehouse



DODD Data Warehouse


National Core Indicators
National Core Indicators (NCI) is a voluntary effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance.

DODD uses NCI to measure system performance, and collect systems-level data that is used to monitor the service delivery system, make policy decisions, allocate resources, and help determine where to make improvements that will better support people with developmental disabilities and their families. For further information please contact
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