Competitive Grant Opportunities

The department competitively awards grants related to the department's work. All competitive grants follow a similar award process with some variation due to the funding source and program structure. 

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Competitive Grant Opportunities
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​Planned Respite and In-Home Supports for Youth
​DODD is seeking proposals from eligible applicants that will increase the capacity for and utilization of planned, therapeutic respite and intensive in-home supports to prevent or reduce out-of-home placements, prepare for successful return to homes of youth in out of home treatment or stabilization facilities, and improve outcomes for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities and significant behavioral challenges and their families. CBDD and local FCFCs already supporting these youth and families, struggle to find the necessary supports including planned, therapeutic respite.  
​DODD intends to provide funds for county collaboratives involving at a minimum, CBDD or Councils of Government (COG) (who must serve as the grant fiscal agent), the local FCFC, and service providers willing to provide planned, therapeutic respite and intensive in-home supports with or without additional training or supports from outside experts
​January 31, 2018
​March 1, 2018
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Q: On page 11 of the RFP, number 4 mentions youth leaving a developmental center following stabilization.  Can these funds be used for stabilization at a developmental center?

A: These funds cannot be used to pay for stabilization at a DC.  They can be used to support youth once leaving the center. 

Q: Does a prospective Service Provider of Planned Respite Care have to be a waiver provider, or an ICF?

Our agency is currently providing planned respite for youth with mental health diagnoses and have been planning to expand the service to DD Youth.  We are submitting our waiver application this week, but don't know if we are an eligible provider (not applicant) for this grant.

A: As long as you are working with a local county board and FCFC to submit your proposal and there are resources other than waiver funds to cover the cost of the respite service itself you could apply.  You would also need to have a sustainable funding plan laid out in the proposal.

Q:  Can your local children services agency or foster care agency be a provider? Or do all of the providers have to be licensed through DODD? (2.7.18)

A: Providers must be licensed or certified through DODD to participate in the proposal.  DODD requires certification for all "supported living" services.  This is defined broadly in ORC 5126.01. (2.9.18)

Q: If the maximum grant proposal can only be 15 pages total, does that include letters of supports from other collaborators, or are those not considered part of the actual grant application?

A: The required questions (1-13) cannot exceed the 15-page proposal limit.  The application form, statement of support or other attachments will not count towards the limit. 

Q:  If awarded, can grant funding be utilized only for youth that are county board eligible?

A: Yes

Q: Can services be provided in combination with other non-DD youth if they have a different funding source other than the grant?

A: Yes, services can be provided using other funding sources by a DODD certified/licensed provider.  A sustainability plan must be included in your proposal.

Q: If a youth is enrolled on a DD waiver, does waiver funding have to be accessed first for respite, or could they utilize grant funding, if available?

A: This funding is not intended to pay for the respite services itself, rather the items listed under scope of work and deliverables on page 4 of the RFP.

Q: Do we have to use the "waiver respite rate" for community-based overnight respite, or can other rates be created based on terms of the written grant?

A: The grant funding is not intended to pay for the respite service itself.  The Residential Respite service under the waiver, or other funding source, would be required.

Q: When reviewing materials on the Ohio Office of Shared Services website, to apply for a Supplier Id, the county board would need to submit their W-9 and "Blank Verification Letter".  Do you have any insight as to what a "blank verification letter" might be?

A:  It is a bank, not blank, verification letter (or you can send a voided check) 

Q: Can the funds for the RFP be used for any renovations to a site that is used for crisis respite/short term residential?

A: Under scope and deliverables (page 4 of RFP), it states: "other reasonable, miscellaneous costs associated with the pilot clearly outlined in budget and budget narrative."  Costs that are clear and reasonable will be considered.

Q: Can any of the funds be used for administration of the project?

A: Was, question 13 requires a budget outlining strategies and time lines that can include administrative costs associated with the project.

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