Ohio ABLE Savings Program

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, or ABLE Act, created tax-advantaged savings accounts for people with disabilities and their families. The ABLE Act permits people with disabilities to save money without the risk of losing their eligibility for benefits, such as Social Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, and food assistance. This makes tax-free accounts available to cover qualified expenses such as medical and dental care, education, housing, transportation, assistive technology, employment training, and other community-based supports.

ABLE Advisory Board

Provisions of the Able Advisory Board stipulate that it must include the director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities or a designee, one member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and one member of the Ohio Senate as well as members appointed by the governor, including

  • representative of a developmental disability advocacy organization
  • representative of a service provider for people with disabilities
  • parent of a child with a disability and who has significant experience with disability issues
  • person with a disability and who has significant experience with disability issues
  • two members with significant experience in finance, accounting, investment management, or other areas that may assist the board in carrying out its duties
STABLE Accounts
A STABLE account means that if you get a job, you can save up money without losing your benefits. It also lets family and friends give you money without affecting your benefits. STABLE accounts give people with more independence and financial security. STABLE Ohio’s ABLE program, was the first ABLE account program in the country to be open to the public. Ohioans with disabilities can open STABLE accounts and get all of the benefits that ABLE accounts offer.

What are the benefits?
Tax-Free Earnings
Tax Free Earnings

Earnings on savings are tax-deferred and tax-free when used to pay for qualified expenses.
Tax-Free Earnings
Financial Benefits Not Affected

Balances and distributions do not affect aid such as Medicaid or Social Security.
Tax-Free Earnings

Participants can request their own STABLE Card that can be used to spend money on qualified expenses.

ABLE Advisory Board Members
  • Charles Gerhardt, chairman
  • John Eklund, state senator
  • Jonathan Dever, state representative
  • John Martin, director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Marge Barnheiser, member representing an intellectual or developmental disability advocacy group
  • Roy Cherry,  member representing a service provider for individuals with disabilities
  • Jennifer Cunningham, advocate
  • Blaine Brockman, member who has significant experience in finance, accounting, or investment management
  • Matthew Curoe, member who has significant experience in finance, accounting, or investment management

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Qualified Expenses

Use the money in your account to pay for any expense related to a disability — not just medical expenses. Use a STABLE account for
  • Basic living expenses
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Assistive technology
  • Employment training
  • Personal support services
  • Legal fees
  • Health and wellness
  • Financial management
  • Enrollment for people with developmental disabilities
  • Tax-free savings plan for disability-related expenses
  • Save and invest without losing needs-based benefits