Systems Transformation

These stories show how the people who support someone with developmental disabilities, paid and unpaid, can have a tremendous impact on helping them feel connected in their community when they listen to what they want and need. 

Marriage and Love
Brian and Amy in Stark County are two people who both have developmental disabilities. They have received support to not just stay safe and secure in the community, but to get married and live the lives they want, together. 

Entrepreneurship: SSA Supports Entrepreneur
Jordon runs his own collectibles business.

Community Success (after High School)
Tamera in Lucas County is a prom queen on her way to college...

The Community Experience
Sonya 's story is a great example of how interests and energy can help programs in figuring out how to support people. Sonya talks about using community-supports outside of the facility she goes to so she can learn and grow. 

Community Engagement Assessment

As state and federal rules change to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the support they need to be involved in their community, agencies that provide services are working to make sure that the services they offer include opportunities for community life engagement and integrated employment.