Systems Transformation

When a person feels safe, they can feel free to make the most of their lives, exploring new interests and testing their skills. Ensuring safety is key when helping people envision their futures.

These videos help map out the process involved in supporting people with multiple safety needs to expand their horizons, take some risks, and become a part of their communities without losing sight of their own safety and security needs. 

Expanding the Possibilities
Eric, from Stark County, has an adventuresome spirit, and the support people in his life take that spirit seriously: he's literally learning to fly.

The Resiliency Project
Weston is a person with behavioral needs who has gotten the necessary supports to be a part of his community in Hamilton County.

Segregation to the Community
Kim's in Tuscarawas County used to live in a group home and go to a sheltered workshop; now she lives and works in the community. Kim and her support person talk about how the changes in Kim's life happened.

Community Engagement Assessment

As state and federal rules change to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the support they need to be involved in their community, agencies that provide services are working to make sure that the services they offer include opportunities for community life engagement and integrated employment.