Systems Transformation

is an important focus and necessary skill when supporting job-seekers with disabilities. Without an emphasis on developing relationships with businesses in the community who need workers, an important part of the equation is missing -- and an opportunity is missed. One of the main hurdles for job-seekers with disabilities is often "getting into the front door," and being able to show the skills and talents they have. Employer engagement is a way to let businesses know you are a resource from them, and that you have access to capable and valuable future employees. These videos from across the state exemplify employer engagement, and are great marketing tools for employment services providers.

"Working in the Community: Employee Testimonials"
A variety of employees at a variety of different businesses in Cuyahoga County talk about how they got their jobs, and how much they love them.

Community Employment: Ana's Story
Ana works at the Spot, a restaurant in Shelby County; she and her boss talk about their success together.

A Job You Love
"Love of Beer Builds Community" tells the story of Michael and his love of beer, and his eventual connection with Madtree Brewing in Cincinnati.

Customized Employment
Sean gets a job at Barnes and Nobles, thanks to Customized Employment

Community Engagement Assessment

As state and federal rules change to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the support they need to be involved in their community, agencies that provide services are working to make sure that the services they offer include opportunities for community life engagement and integrated employment.