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Mental Illness Developmental Disabilities Coordinating Center of Excellence "Helping Ohio's communities serve people with Dual Diagnoses"

The MIDD CCOE is jointly funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

Our Mission

The mission of the MIDD CCOE is to make life better for people with dual diagnoses of mental illness and a developmental disability.

  • We create access to expert assessments and recommendations.
  • We train and educate professionals, paraprofessionals and future professionals to address needs in both mental health and developmental disabilities.
  • We support Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities coordinating and working together
  • We help communities build their knowledge and resources for serving this population.

Our Philosophy

  • The Mental Health system can serve individuals who also have developmental disabilities, and the Developmental Disabilities system can serve individuals with a mental illness. In most cases, these professionals have the tools and need only some specific resources and modifications. 
  • In both systems, the way to begin working with people with dual diagnoses is by using the universal precaution of trauma-informed care:  making sure each individual feels safe and in control.
  • To address the gaps in what each system can do, we must work together.
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