Supporting Informed Choice 
Pre-admission counseling and options counseling are meant to ensure that someone with a developmental disability understands the options available to them for getting the services they need while living in an intermediate care facility (ICF) or in their community.

Pre-Admission Counseling

Pre-admission counseling focuses on people who are considering moving into an ICF with nine or more people. The four-step process supports informed decision-making and does not prevent someone from choosing to move into an ICF.  The final decision about where to live is up to the person accessing services. 

​Step 1

Process Initiation

 ​An ICF with nine or more beds has a current vacancy or vacancy within the next six months and plans for a new admission is in place. ICF submits a referral to CBDD.

​Step 2


 ​CBDD receives referral form. CBDD has five days to interview the person, complete the form, and submit to DODD for review.

Step 3

Complete the Form

Identify current support required and resources meeting this need. Identify new support needed and what new resources can be used to meet this need.

Step 4

Submit the Form

 ​Attach completed form and send the email here.


DODD Scorecard Quarter 4 2017

To date, a total of 390 total pre-admissions counseling sessions with county board staff have resulted in 321 people, or 82% choosing to continue seeking admission to an ICF and 69 people, or 18% choosing to access a waiver.

When someone is considering moving into an ICF, the county board of developmental disabilities will explain the similarities and differences between accessing services using an HCBS waiver and accessing services living in an ICF.
Pre-Admission Counseling Tools
sasasasasas.png Meet Adam
This short video explains what the pre-admission counseling process might look like.
Pre-Admission Counseling Referral Form
County board service and support administrators will fill out this referral form during the counseling meeting.
dfgdfgdgdfg.png Pre-Admission Counseling Guidance
Guidance is available for completing the pre-admission counseling meeting and referral form.
Our Easy Read Guides offer tools that can help service and support administrators talk about the differences between accessing services using an HCBS waiver, and accessing services living in an ICF.
Options Counseling 

Options counseling focuses on people who currently are living in an ICF. Similar to pre-admissions counseling, options counseling seeks to inform people and families about their options.

The department has contracted with CareStar to provide options counseling by conducting a number of general information sessions across Ohio, offering information about the differences and opportunities in both an ICF and with a home and community-based settings (HCBS) waiver. These sessions may be helpful to people who currently live in an ICF. CareStar’s recorded webinar offers information about HCBS waivers and ICFs, similar to their in-person information sessions.

​Options counseling participants to date  


Responses of the 2,414 counseled participants


Options Counseling Tools
asasdasdasdadas.png​My Community Options
CareStar's interactive presentation offers an overview of waivers and services. ​
​If you have questions about options counseling or would like to schedule an individual options counseling session with CareStar, please contact Ashley McKinney at 614-644-7596 or
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