​Supporting Informed Choice

Pre-admission counseling and options counseling are conversations that can help a person with a developmental disability get the information they need to make choices about living on their own, with other people in their community, or in an intermediate care facility. The final decision about where to live is up to the person accessing services.

Pre-Admission Counseling

Pre-admission counseling focuses on people who are thinking about moving into an intermediate care facility where nine or more people live. 


Meet Adam

This short video explains the pre-admission 
process from beginning to end.

ThiPre-Admission Counseling Referral Form

is completed by service and support administrators after the pre-admission counseling meeting.

Options Counseling

Options counseling focuses on people who live in an intermediate care facility where nine or more people can live. Everyone who lives in the facility can choose to take part and hear about some options that may be available to support them if they want to move out of the facility.

The department has partnered with CareStar to provide options counseling in a one-on one conversation. 


This presentation gives an overview of the information CareStar offers in-person.

If you have questions about options counseling or would like to schedule an options counseling session with CareStar, contact Ashley McKinney at 614-644-7596 oashley.mckinney@dodd.ohio.gov.

Understanding Your Options

Services and supports can be different whether you live in the community or an intermediate care facility.

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