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Ohio Shared Living encompasses personal care and supportive services provided to an adult by a live-in caregiver.

Ohio Shared Living is a service authorized by county boards of developmental disabilities for people who live with a paid caregiver that delivers at least 20% of their personal care and supportive services. That can be in the caregiver’s home or in the home of a person that needs support.

Being a caregiver is a full-time commitment, however caregivers can still work outside the home full-time, and respite programs are available to support caregivers.

Ohio Shared Living caregivers or providers, coordinate the support needs outlined in a person’s service plan, and help to facilitate those services. That can include things like activities during the day and transportation to appointments.

OhioSharedLiving.com offers video that highlights the special relationships that make Ohio Shared Living so unique and so successful.

Program Changes

On October 1, 2017, Ohio Shared Living replaced the former Adult Family Living and Adult Foster Care services.

The Ohio Shared Living service applies whether or not the caregiver is related to the person receiving the services of the caregiver.

It is only authorized using a daily rate and has no 15-minute unit option available.

Ohio Shared Living has one daily rate for independent providers and one daily rate for agency providers.

It has a higher provider reimbursement rate available than Adult Family Living and Adult Foster Care previously offered.

While the amount of increase is not the same for every Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) funding range, there is at least a slight increase for every range.
No. All existing providers of Adult Family Living and Adult Foster Care will automatically be certified to deliver Ohio Shared Living. There is no need for these providers to submit an application to add Ohio Shared Living to an existing certification.
For more Ohio Shared Living program guidance, visit the Communications Archive and type Ohio Shared Living into the search box.

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