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Ohio Shared Living (OSL) encompasses personal care and supportive services provided to an adult by a live-in caregiver. Adult Foster Care is currently the terminology under which Medicaid funds the service (OAC5123:2-13-06).

Caregivers through Ohio Shared Living support people with developmental disabilities in a family setting. That can be in the caregiver’s home or in the home of a person that needs live-in support. Being a caregiver is a full-time commitment, however caregivers can still work outside the home full-time, and respite programs are available to support caregivers.

OSL caregivers or providers, address or coordinate all support needs outlined in a person’s service plan, including things like activities during the day and transportation to appointments. An OSL provider cannot be related to the person receiving services, nor can they be their guardian.

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Adult Family Living
A program of Ohio Shared Living, Adult Family Living encompasses personal care and supportive services, provided to an adult by a live-in caregiver who is related to the person receiving services. “Related” is defined as related by blood, marriage or adoption, or is the parent or stepparent, sibling or step-sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, cousin, child or stepchild of the person receiving services.

Adult Family Living shares much of the same program guidance as OSL. Efforts are underway by the department to align program rates and merge the two programs.

OhioSharedLiving.com offers video that highlights the special relationships that make Ohio Shared Living so unique and so successful.

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