Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IIDs)

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IIDs) are licensed by DODD to be operated by a specific provider at a specific location. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) certifies the licensed facility as meeting the federal requirements for funding as an ICF-IID. The provider is responsible for all aspects of care for the individual, including financial matters, transportation, habilitation, and medical needs.  

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ICF Program Initiatives 

Pre-admissions and Options Counseling:  In Ohio, individuals with developmental disabilities have two options for receiving care – they can reside in an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), or they can receive support through a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver. It's important that both of these options are available to meet a wide range needs. It's also important that individuals and families are aware of both options so they can select the option that best meets their needs. Two initiatives that are a part of the FY2016-17 Executive Budget will ensure individuals are fully aware of the different options available to them – pre-admissions counseling for those who are considering moving into an ICF, and options counseling for those who currently are living in an ICF. Read more about Pre-admissions and Options Counseling.

ICF Downsizing: ICFs have the opportunity to downsize large ICFs to smaller ICFs located in the community. Many ICF providers have submitted plans to decrease the capacity of a large ICF by creating smaller ICF settings in the community as a part of their overall project. Creating a new ICF is a process that involves coordination between the provider, DODD, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Department of Medicaid. The ICF Opening Provider Checklist was created to give the provider step by step guidance on the development and certification of a new ICF.

ICF Billing Changes: To make payments to providers faster and more accurate, claims with a date of service of July 1, 2015, or later will require ICF-IID providers to directly submit claims to MITS for payment. Read more about the billing changes.

ICF Voluntary Conversion:  ICF providers have the opportunity to participate in a voluntary conversion initiative for individuals who would prefer to receive Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) through a waiver. The individual would have the opportunity to use the funding they currently receive in the ICF to fund a HCBS waiver. Since the funding will be used for the waiver, the provider will surrender the ICF certification for the bed that the individual is currently occupying. This effort will not only assist the state in our long-term care rebalancing efforts, but will provide individuals with the opportunity to receive services in their preferred setting. Read more about the ICF Conversion Process.

DC Downsizing: State-operated Developmental Centers (DC) are continuing their efforts to allow individuals to move into HCBS waiver settings or private ICFs. There are several options available to individuals in DCs, including the option to move to a non-state operated ICF.  In this case, the ICF provider may either have the individual from the DC fill a current vacancy, or if there is an individual currently residing in that ICF who would like to be served on a waiver, the individual from the ICF can move to a waiver setting, creating a vacancy for the individual from the DC. In this effort, the funding from the DC individual will be used to fund the waiver of the individual leaving the ICF. Since the ICF will be serving the individual from the DC, they will not need to surrender their ICF certification for the bed.

ICF Rules
Please go to the Rules in Effect page and see the rules beginning with the number 5123:2:-7-01

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Additional Information
DODD releases 'White Paper' outlining the future of the ICF Program:

Director Martin's Cover Letter (PDF)
ICF White Paper (PDF)