Community Capital Assistance (CCA)

The Community Capital Assistance (CCA) program provides funding to County Boards and non-profit organizations for the purchase, construction, and/or renovation of community housing for persons with developmental disabilities.


  • May be licensed or non-licensed settings (not ICFs/IID)
  • Must be settings of four or fewer
  • May be single family homes, duplexes, quad-plexes, or condos
  • No mobile homes/trailers
  • May not be located adjacent to each other if it gives the appearance of 'clustering'
  • Funding from DODD is to the County Board, which has a contract with a local non-profit Housing Corporation that owns/manages the property
  • Funding based on projected housing development and project cost – cannot exceed 90 percent of the project cost
  • Funding also available for renovations and accessibility modifications.
  • Renovation/Accessibility projects may be funded up to 75 percent of appraised home value

Applicable Administrative Rules:


  1. County Board submits Letter of Intent (LOI) to the DODD Capital Office
  2. DODD reviews and approves or denies LOI
  3. If approved, various forms and documents are submitted for review and approval prior to project initiation
  4. Project begins – DODD monitors the project
  5. Upon project completion – DODD reviews and approves
  6. DODD process payment to County Board

View the Housing Purchase Flow Chart (PDF) and Residential Renovation project Flow Chart (PDF) for more details.


For more information, contact Katie Schroeder at or 614-752-2342, or Aaron Lichtenauer at or 614-387-5807.