Waiver Enrollment

  1. Contact your local County Board to discuss your current needs and options available that may be able to meet your current needs.
  2. If a waiver opportunity is available and can meet your needs, work with the County Board to complete the waiver application process, which includes assessments to determine waiver eligibility. 
    • Complete the waiver application packet with your County Board.  Your County Board will help you with the process, including completing assessments  that helps determine your eligibility, including the level of care you are eligible to receive.
    • Submit the waiver application packet to DODD. The County Board will submit your completed waiver application packet to DODD to review and make a determination for eligibility. DODD reviews the assessment packet and uses the information to determine eligibility for waiver services and will report determination back to the County Board. If DODD determines you to be eligible, your County Board will work with you to  begin coordinating waiver services and supports through a person-centered planning process
    • Contact your local Job and Family Services to apply for Medicaid.  Medicaid eligibility is a requirement for enrollment on a Home and Community-based waiver.  If you are not already receiving Medicaid, you will need to apply for Medicaid – you can do so by contacting your local Job and Family Services (JFS) office. It is important that you inform the local JFS office that you are applying for Medicaid and a Home and Community-based waiver. The Ohio Benefits Self Service Awareness Toolkit is designed to support those who are assisting individuals in completing a Medicaid application online through the Ohio Benefits Self Service Portal.
    • Maintain your eligibility. Your waiver eligibility and level of care must be renewed annually, which you will also do through your County Board. In addition, once enrolled on a waiver, you must continue to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements every month to continue waiver services. Medicaid must also be renewed annually with your local JFS office.
  3. If a waiver opportunity is not immediately available, you can request to be placed on the HCBS Waiting List.  While on the waiting list, your County Board will assist in identifying your immediate needs and assist in obtaining alternative services