Ohio's Waiver Waiting List

Each of Ohio’s county boards of developmental disabilities maintains the requests of people seeking Individual Options, Level One, or Self-Empowered Life Funding waivers.

This Waiting List is prioritized first for emergency needs, then by priority categories. All other requests are organized by the date of the request when there is no emergency need or priority category.

To determine if you should be on the Waiting List and the various options that may meet your needs,
contact your local county board.
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Waivers are only one way to fund services

Waivers are one funding stream for services. By braiding together multiple funding sources, such as local county board of developmental disability levy funds and Ohio Medicaid benefits, a person with developmental disabilities may be able to have their service needs met without a waiver.


Learn more about the types of waivers available to someone with a developmental disability.

How do people get on the Waiting List if they are not on it?

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What if my needs are met now, but I need something else later?

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I want a different waiver than my current one. Should I be on the Waiting List?

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What are people on the Waiting List actually waiting for?

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