Waiting Lists

In Ohio, each County Board manages a waiting list for Home and Community-based Waiver services. A County Board must establish a waiting list if "available resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of all individuals who request home and community-based services." This includes waiting lists for the I/O waiver, Level 1 waiver, and the Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waiver.  

People on the waiting list receive a waiver in this order, which is required by law: 

  • Emergencies – The law defines an emergency as any situation where there is a risk of substantial self-harm or substantial harm to others if action isn't taken within 30 days. Examples of emergencies include loss of residence, loss of a caretaker, and abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • Priorities – Priority categories are defined in statute and rule.  Your County Board will determine if a priority category exists on a case-by-case basis.  Generally, the County Board has the ability to "refinance" local expenditures and serve emergencies, individuals with intensive needs or individuals who are living with aging caregivers are a priority.
  • Date of Request – Waiver services also are offered based on the date you were added to the waiting list.

To determine if you should be on a waiting list and the various options that may meet your needs, contact your local County Board.




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LOC Training Module 1

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LOC Training Module 2

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LOC Application Review

LOC Application Tutorial

County Board Roles

Evaluator Dashboard to Eligibility Management  Video/PDF                

Uploading Documents   Video/PDF           

Complete and Submit    Video/PDF           

Redeterminations           Video/PDF

ICF Evaluators
               Dashboard to Consent Form  Video/PDF

               LOC Application-Creating to Submitting Video/PDF

Get a thorough understanding of the new LOC Application in this detailed two part webinar. Part 1 | Part 2

Additional LOC Training Tools

LOC Assessment Manual

  • A user’s guide to LOC Assessment

Clinician Verification Tool, Birth to Age 9

Clinician Verification Tool, Ages 10 and over

LOC Paper Assessment Tool

LOC Product Guide for County Board

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Completing and Submitting NICS

Waiver Redeterminations

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Completing Level of Care (LOC) For County Board Eligibility

Completing and Submitting Level of Care (LOC) For Waiver Eligibility