Participant-Directed Services

Participant direction gives people enrolled in a waiver more control and authority to decide who provides needed services and how those services are provided.

Participant direction is available for Homemaker/Personal care services, often called HPC for short. All three of the waivers administered by the department offer HPC services, which means that Participant-Directed HPC is available using any of DODD’s waivers. 

People who choose participant-directed HPC are responsible for

  • hiring employees,

  • deciding how much to pay employees (see this helpful tool),

  • training employees,

  • providing day-to-day supervision of employees,

  • verifying timesheets of employees,

  • and choosing someone to help with these employer functions, if they need help.


Families can use this fact sheet to understand PDGS requirements and how to get started with service planning.

Service and support administrators can learn about adding PDGS to a person's service plan and billing information with the department's comprehensive guide.


Capturescreen112313.PNGChoosing Participant-Direction can help you decide if this service is a good fit for you. 

Learn more about participant-directed HPC in this presentation from Lori Horvath, deputy director of the department’s Division of Medicaid Development and Administration.  (Full Screen)