Remote Support

An emerging service model that combines technology and direct care to support people with developmental disabilities, remote support is also known as remote monitoring. emerging service model that combines technology and direct care to support people with developmental disabilities remote support uses two-way communication in real time, including home-based sensors, cameras, and other technologies, to allow an off-site caregiver to monitor and respond to the safety and needs of people living in the community.

Remote support is a Medicaid service OAC 5123: 2-9-35. All Medicaid waivers cover the cost and maintenance of equipment that is used for remote support service delivery.

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The remote support someone might use in their home would be different for each person, since supports are based on the needs of the person at the center of the service. Walk through some of the options available by clicking through each room to the left.

​How to Start Using Remote Support

Have a conversation to identify why a person with a developmental disability uses direct care staff and if their health and safety needs can be met remotely.
a1.pngHave a team meeting where the person accessing services, their providers, and service and support administrator can talk about which needs might be met remotely, for what hours, and how backup support will be provided.
a1.pngIf the person chooses remote support, the provider that will act as a backup to those supports will be the one to choose the vendor for the technology and equipment needed. If the backup support is unpaid, natural supports like family or neighbors, the person, or their guardian will choose the vendor.
The service and support administrator works with the team to amend the individual service plan, or ISP, to include detailed protocols for the new remote support.
An ISP that includes remote support should detail backup support contact information and what to do if the person wants to turn off remote support equipment.


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The Ohio Technology Project is a collaborative enterprise between the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio State University Nisonger Center. The project aims to take an in-depth look at the role technology, including remote monitoring, plays in the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families, create a vision for how the use of technology may be improved and expanded upon, and identify technological advances that might benefit people with developmental disabilities who desire greater independence.