Adult Day Services

Adult day services are focused on people who have graduated from high school. The services you receive are based on your needs and preferences, and may include:

  • Community/supported employment
  • Vocational training
  • Adult day activities including social, leisure and recreational activities


Every person has abilities, skills and talents to enrich the community and people around us. We envision a time when every working-age adult with developmental disabilities who has a desire to work has the opportunity to explore their career options and seek jobs that fit their skills and interests.

Employment First can help you prepare for and find a job in the community, from training to on-the-job support. Employment First means that when you are planning for services, you and your team will look at having a job in the community as a first option.



If you don't have transportation through family, friends, neighbors or community agencies, your waiver may pay for transportation expenses.

  • Non-medical Transportation services can be used to access your job, adult day support, vocational habilitation, supported employment-enclave, and/or supported employment-community services that are listed in your Individual Service Plan.
  • Transportation services help you access waiver and other community services, activities and resources that are listed in your plan of care.

Read your waiver handbook to see what transportation services you have access to.