How do I get started

Contact your local County Board

In Ohio, the County Board is the primary contact for an individual and their family. The County Board serves two primary functions:

Determining Eligibility: Your County Board will work with you to determine eligibility for services. Eligibility criteria varies by age:

  • Ages 0-2: the eligibility report completed by or for Help Me Grow is used to determine eligibility.
  • Ages 3-5: Each County Board sets eligibility requirements, which may include the evaluation completed by or for the school district for preschool special education
  • Ages 6+: Standard assessment tools are used to measures an individual's current functional abilities in life activity areas – mobility, self-care, self-direction, capacity for independent living, learning, and receptive and expressive language skills – for ages 16 and older, the tool also measures economic self-sufficiency. To be eligible for services, an individual must show substantial functional limitations in at least three of these areas. The tools used are the Children's Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (COEDI) for children ages 6-15, and the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI) for individuals ages 16 and older. If you'd like to learn more about these tools, you can review these documents used to administer the assessments.

Service Coordination: Once you are eligible for services, your County Board will link you to needed services and supports. A Services and Support Administrator (SSA) will work with you to develop an Individual Service Plan that outlines what types of supports are needed.

When to contact your local County Board

Contact your local County Board:

  • If your child is diagnosed with a developmental disability, or you suspect your child may have a developmental disability.
  • If additional support is needed to achieve your/your child's goals.
  • If you are moving to a new community and are receiving services, and want to continue receiving services once you move.

Case Management (Service and Support Administration - SSA)

Case management is a process to link individuals and families to needed services and supports provided by local county boards of DODD.  It may include any or all of the following supports:

  • Information, referral and linkage
  • Eligibility determination and assessment
  • Individual Service Plan development and revision
  • Assistance in provider selection and accessing services
  • Coordination and monitoring of services
  • Quality assurance of services provided to individuals and families
  • Crisis intervention​