​Health & Welfare Tool-Kit

​ ​Alerts provide data, additional resources, and guidance on what can be done to avoid or minimize risk.

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Easy Read Guides

A way to share information in a way that is easier for the widest possible audience. 

Webinars, Presentations and Videos


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
Transitions - They are happening. Are you Ready?
Mental Health 101
MUI Intake – The Do's and Don'ts of how to
properly enter an MUI
Causes and Contributing Factors for Unapproved Behavior Support
Heart Health
Caregiver Burn Out
Everything Unusual Incident Related for Supervisory Staff
Burn Prevention
Seizures and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Balancing Quality of Life, Health and Welfare and Person Centered Planning Webinar
Understanding the UI process for Direct Service Professionals Webinar
MUI Rule Training for Direct Service Professionals
Appendix C Forms (Webinar)
Peer to Peer MUIs Video/PDF
Unusual Incident Log Reviews 2015
Misappropriation - Determining the Primary Person Involved
Choking Prevention Video/pdf
Wound Care Basics for Caregivers Video/pdf
Ensuring Health and Safety - Immediate Actions
Transitions - They are happening. Are you Ready?
Transportation - keeping safe while you're going places
Packing Your Bag - Preparing to Eat out in the Community
​MUI Rule Training for Administrators
The Impact of Bullying and Social Media on Individuals you Support
Choking Prevention/Modified Diets -
Packing Your Bag

Choking Prevention/Modified Diets -
Chopped Food

Choking Prevention/Modified Diets -
Ground Food

Choking Prevention/Modified Diets -
Pureed Food

Choking Prevention/Modified Diets - Hydration/Thickened Liquid
The Role of Trauma-Informed Care in Investigations

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Incident Tracking System Intake Training
Preventing and Investigating Misappropriation
Seizures and DD Training
UI Training
UI Log Presentation 2015
Analysis Webinar 2015
Appendix C Webinar Presentation
CCF and Prevention Plan Training Handouts
MUI Rule Revision Presentation PPT
Patterns and Trends Training
Stakeholders Presentation 2015
Mental Health and Supports

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