​More about our systems as a whole

Each of the 88 County Boards contract for services or employ an Investigative Agent (IA). The IA is required to investigate all reported MUIs. These investigations include the identification of causes and contributing factors as well as prevention plans to help reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence.  IAs are certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) and are required to attend Civil and Criminal Investigatory Practices training and obtain credit hours to maintain their certification.

Providers and County Boards work diligently to ensure that incidents are reported accurately and timely. Working in partnership, providers and County Boards develop immediate actions to ensure the health and welfare of any at-risk individual(s). The County Board conducts a thorough investigation for all MUIs entered into the Incident Tracking System (ITS) which includes prevention planning.

DODD is responsible for overseeing statewide systems of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Major Unusual Incident (MUI) Unit plays a critical role by providing oversight to County Boards and Providers to help assure the health and welfare of individuals receiving services in Ohio.

The MUI Unit employs fifteen staff and is comprised of three primary entities: Intake, Regional Managers and Registry Investigators.

The Intake Managers assure that all MUIs are entered correctly into the ITS system and include effective immediate actions, meet MUI criteria and are classified accurately according to rule.  They also review each and every incident entered into the online Incident Tracking System. Regional Managers conduct quality assurance reviews of Incident management through the online Incident Tracking System (ITS), conduct site visits to Ohio’s counties and providers of service as required and provide training and technical assistance throughout the year.

The Unit Registry Investigators manage the DODD Abuser Registry. In addition, they conduct department directed investigations and site visits to Ohio’s counties as required to monitor the quality of MUI investigations. Registry Investigators provide training and technical assistance to the Investigative Agents (IA).

Other statewide functions include: providing informational notices to stakeholders, issuing Health and Welfare Alerts, managing a centralized complaint hotline, conducting statewide Mortality Review Meetings, steering statewide Pattern and Trends meetings, and providing ongoing training to the field.

All DD employees are required to be trained, annually, on identification and reporting of MUIs and UIs prior to direct contact with people served. Training includes the review of any Health and Welfare Alerts released since the previous calendar year’s training.