Medication Administration

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Nurses have been trained and certified to teach the DODD Personnel training related to medication administration. Certification for any nurse trainer begins the date he or she is officially trained and expires on the date he or she must renew his or her regular nursing license. The following provides information on initial certification and outlines the process the DODD will be using to renew these certificates.


Instructions for Medication Administration Information System (MAIS) data entry

PowerPoint Demonstration - MAIS



QA Review:


Certification Verification tool - List of Certified Personnel and Available Classes

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For more information regarding Medication Administration, rules, training for nurses and other DODD personnel, email Janet Winterstein or call (440) 714-5372.

For information or questions about the Medication Administration database, send an email to or call (800) 617-6733 option 3. The number is toll free in Ohio.