Incident Tracking System and Training

The Incident Tracking System (ITS) is a DODD Application tasked with tracking the Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) across all of Ohio's 88 Counties.  This application has been in use since 1996 with revisions to become a web-based application that aids local and state Developmental Disability (DD) employees in ensuring the health and safety of DD individuals which we serve. 

The Abuser Registry is also maintained through ITS and provides a public facing for employers to check out potential hires before making a determination on whether that employee can be hired or if they are placed on Registry. This system allows for real time information in the best interest of ensuring the health and safety of our Developmental Disability (DD) individuals.

ITS is the Department's online reporting system for tracking, monitoring and providing oversight involving health and welfare incident management to each of Ohio's 88 counties. Actively reporting incidents, providing immediate protections, conducting thorough investigations, identifying cause and contributing factors and implementing effective prevention plans are critical elements to protecting the individuals supported in Ohio.

County Boards only need access to the internet to work in ITS and Data Warehouse reporting as they are both web based applications.

ITS allows for not only a summary of the investigation report to be entered but also for questions and responses to be logged from the Department to the investigative entity.

Our reporting capabilities are vast. We have the ability to look at MUI trends by individual, provider, county board, region and state. This allows us to provide education and resources to health and safety topics that have a negative impact on those we serve. There are numerous standard reports that can be easily assessed. Providers has access to a number of reports that assist them in maintaining their Health and Welfare requirements outlines in O.A.C. 5123:2-17-02.

ITS is used to interface and provide updates to different state agencies and oversight entities. DODD uses ITS data to report Performance Measure information to both Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). Additionally, ODM, Disability Rights Ohio, Advocacy and Protective Services Inc. have access to ITS. 

Special Alerts (Governor's, Directors, and Misappropriation) are generated from ITS. These email alerts notify a list serve when an MUI is filed and meets a certain criteria.