Health and Welfare Alerts

The purpose of Health and Welfare Alerts is to provide critical information to caregivers in areas in which DODD has identified a risk to individuals' health and welfare. The Alerts provide data, additional resources, and guidance on what can be done to avoid or minimize risk. The purpose of Ohio's health and safety system is to mitigate incidents, provide timely care when needed, and offer appropriate reporting. These Alerts are one more step to keep our partners informed on the health and welfare challenges individuals with disabilities face and what we can to help.

All DD Employees are required to be trained, annually, on identification and reporting of Major Unusual Incidents and Unusual Incidents prior to unsupervised contact. This training includes the review of any Health and Welfare Alerts released during the previous calendar year. For questions or comments regarding Alerts, please contact the MUI/Registry Unit at 614-995-3810.

Health and Welfare Alerts ​ ​ ​ ​

Content # # of Alert Issued Date Title of Alert


​5252-1-17​1/5/2017Winter Weather Alert


​51​51-11-16​11/18/2016Health and Welfare Alert - Priority One
​31​31-10-16​10/25/2016Health and Welfare Alert - Preventing the Flu
​02​02-06-16​6/17/2016Health and Welfare Alert -Summer Safety
​36​36-04-16​04/13/2016Bathroom Safety
​​24​​24-02-16​​2/29/2016​​Heart Health


​52 52-12-15​​12/4/2015Winter Weather Alert
​35​35-11-15​11/23/2015Preventing Pneumonia
​22​22-11-15​11/13/2015Preventing Physical Abuse
56          56-10-15  10/16/15     Sexual Abuse Prevention and Reporting
​59​59-09-15​9/2015Oral Medications for those with Dysphagia
​44 ​44-09-15​9/2/15Transitions
​02​02-05-15​5/11/15Summer Safety
​​51​​51-03-153/13/2015Health and Welfare is Priority 1


5252-11-1411/24/14            Winter Weather
31  31-11-14  11/21/14  Preventing the Flu
1414-06-049/16/14 Psychotropic Medications Side Effects
1818-04-137/14/14 Choking
02 02-06-14 6/18/14 Summer Safety
58 58-05-145/27/2014 Transportation
1515-02-143/3/2014 Head Injuries
2020-02-142/18/2014 Falls

2013 ​ ​ ​ ​

52 52-11-1311/26/13 Winter Weather
5757-10-1310/9/2013 Mechanical Restraints and Enclosed Beds
3636-09-139/6/2013 Bathtub Drowning
2222-07-137/23/2013 Physical Abuse
3131-11-1311/1/2013 Preventing the Flu
1818-04-134/23/2013 Choking
5656-02-132/27/2013 Sexual Abuse Prevention and Reporting
3737-01-131/9/2013 Hot Water Burns

2012 ​ ​ ​ ​

5252-11-1211/19/2012 Winter Weather
5151-09-1211/14/2012 Health and Well Being is Priority One
4444-09-1211/9/2012 Transition Issues
1818-09-12Reissued 10/2/2012 Choking
3131-09-129/18/2012 Preventing the Flu
202-06-126/15/2012 Keeping Safe in the Summer Parts 1 & 2
2020-04-124/12/2012 Falls
5050-03-123/13/2012 Rewards Cards


36-12-1112/30/2011 Bathtub Drowning
5252-11-1111/15/2011 Winter Weather
3232-10-119/30/2011 Misappropriation/Theft
3131-10-1110/25/2011 Preventing the Flu
5555-07-117/19/2011 Medication Administration
4444-05-115/4/2011 Red Flags when changing Providers or Settings
5151-05-115/4/2011 Health and Well Being is Priority One
202-05-115/6/2011 Keeping Safe in the Summer Parts 1 & 2
1818-03-113/25/2011 Choking

 Alerts table of contents - Alert Number Key ex. 18-03-01: (alert number - month issued - year issued)


The Ohio DODD is offering a subscription service to alert people when new Information Notices and Alerts are published. The email Information Notice Alert will contain a copy of the new or updated Information Notice as well as a link to the department's archive of Information Notices on the Internet.

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